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New Year’s Nite/Morn

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‘You and me baby ain’t nothin but-‘ oh hello! Didn’t see ya there! Sorry, I was just singing tunes of goodnosity, my bad! So this New Year’s eve my parents let me hang ou... Read More

Hedgehog House #3

Bonjour mon petite-pois! Here comes another hedgehog with a lovely story included. Meet Malina. He’s a boy: to confuse people a bit. While in Germany last year, my family and I went around the X... Read More

Hedgehog House #2

It’s cool, it’s spiky and most important of all, it’s completely random and original! That’s right! Welcome back to *happy jingle plays* Hedgehog House! This is the show where ... Read More


Oh my giddy gods pantyhose! I went to see the Mighty Boosh live! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! It was so cool! Right, I’ll try to calm down long enough to tell you peoples about it…*ma... Read More

Hedgehog House: #1

Rite. So. Meet the first installment of my hedgehog showing thingy! His name is Gosha (Гоша) and I will say stuff about him now. So listen. With your ears. hahahaha *Warning! This story may be sli... Read More

My new segments

Oh god, I haven’t written in ages! Oopsy-daisy. Not a lot has really been happening but I have some funky things that have happen-afied… Randomly, a few weeks ago, my mum said ‘Hey, ... Read More

Back from Iceland

I’m am back from the land of the ice and have something to say. You know how everyone says that Greenland is the one with ice and Iceland is the nice one? Yea, that’s not true. It’s... Read More

My recording-ness!

Sorry for not writing ’bout this earlier. I’m just too lazy, really. Being brutally honestly here: my laziness is shocking. On Wednesday morning, I went through about 5 outfit changes befo... Read More

Why Cows say Moo

Last year (when I was in Year 8), my mate Ella and I created a story about, well, why cows say moo. I personally think it’s marvelous and so did the whole school when a teacher rad it out for us... Read More

I’m baaa-aaack!

Hola, bonjour, and ciao! I am back from my Europe vacation thingy! I thoroughly enjoyed my time and got a very nice time. I will only write about what I thought was significant. Here is what I did (*... Read More

Happy 4th of July!

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So. It’s Independence Day today. And I am very ashamed of myself. England obviously isn’t happy that us Americans broke free from them so they don’t celebrate today widely. It was no... Read More