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So. I live in America now.

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Yep. The good old US of A is the place I now inhabit with my person. And it shall be so for a while now. I am currently living in my grandparents office and am being frequently interrupted by rando... Read More

Goodbye, my Britland

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Good golly, it’s been a while since I graced you all with my presence! But I figured that since I am currently in an ‘Upper Class Virgin Atlantic Airport LOUNGE’, I should take advan... Read More

Hedgehog House #8

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Have you ever had a random gift given to you? And you felt so loved and thought the gift giver the lovliest person ever? You haven’t? Well that’s a shame but at least I HAVE! My lovely fri... Read More


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Right. You know my last post? Well, this one is about the same thing! I didn’t mean it to be to but I saw this advert (whilst sitting on the big couch and reading, therefore annoying father dear... Read More

D of E(vil)

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So the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme. It’s basically something the English government made up to make us stop whining about how heavy our school bags are. The cover up of this invention is tha... Read More

General Ketchup

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Ha ha! See what I did there? Isn’t it funny… Oh come ON! I’m talking about the genius word play! Yeesh! You just can’t put up jokes that require thinking can you, these days? I... Read More

Hedgehog House #7

Bonjour people of Earth, the universe and Wyoming! In honour of Valentine’s Day, I am putting up a special lovey-dovey hedgehog. This is Lovebug, pronounced “Wuvbug”. Hoggies like hi... Read More

My new backgroundy thingy

HELLO PEOPLE OF THE INTERNET. I come in peace! Do not be alarmed by my superior writing skills, I will not harm you… Sorry but I really did have to get that out of my system. SO! Due to suggesti... Read More

Hedgehog House #4

Now meet Richie, short for Richard but cuter. I got him in the French city/town/tortoise of Reims. I jsut saw him on his widdle dungarees (overalls for Americans) and had to have him! Mind he, he was ... Read More

Back to school. Oh joy. Yay.

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*sighs* So school starts again tomorrow after my long and lovely break (Dec 18 to Jan 7). I can’t wait, really. The joy that fills me must be very obvious. *more sad sighing* Let’s recap w... Read More