Globe-trotting Haikus, Wandering Thoughts

I never say words
That are simple and quite short
In my own language
I feel quite useful
To my friends that speak just one
A dictionary
To utter goodbye
In everything but English
Is to meet again
Are you offended?
Should I not have tried at all?
I’ll still keep trying.
Switzerland has four
I don’t feel lost in the least
A worldwide language
Is that even possible?
It’s been tried before
Russian is useful
Other Slavic tongues surround
Words are understood
Danku, merci bien
Grazie mille ragazza
That wasn’t so hard
I wish to respect
I want to learn the culture
Please answer in kind
Non ho il tempo
Per tutte le lingue qui
Vergogna per me
Would you prefer if
I garbled up all your words
Or thought you knew mine?
You cannot learn it
In the states or at your school
It has to be lived
Oui, je peux parler
Si tu veux that I do so
Did I say that right ?
Why is it English?
Whatever happened to French?
Ah, the modern times
Quante parole
Devo dire per fare
Amicizia ?
Italy one day
That is the dream in my heart
Absorb and become
The key to the world
Rests in your mouth on your tongue
Open it up now.