London Calling

I do apologize as this post will be less of a tourist guide on London and more of a college student’s guide to fun! That’s right, this weekend I journeyed back to the place I spent the formative years of my adolescence. As they say in Friends, London baby!

I stayed the weekend at Ella’s house, reminiscing about old times, sharing clothes, dyeing hair, the usual girl things. She wasn’t there when I first arrived so I had a lovely chat with her mother, then went to re-explore the little town of Blackheath. My first stop was my old place of education, Blackheath High School. I went into reception and informed the office I was an old student and could I please have a look around? They kindly but firmly told me that I needed an appointment. This may have deterred some, but not me. So I thanked the staff ladies, walked outside and made my way to a side entrance. I knocked on a door and two slightly bewildered girls opened it for me. I told them I used to be a student, they gave me a look, and they scurried away. Easy-peasy. I walked the old halls noticing what had stayed the same and what had changed. For instance, the pictures they have on the walls that are meant to present our school in a good light, those are still from my grade. I saw many a familiar face on the wall. What I didn’t find was a teacher I knew, which was a shame. They’ve all either moved somewhere else or got married and changed their names so I couldn’t find them. Needless to say, after about 20 minutes I’d had more than my fair share of sneaking around and ogling. I exited through the doors I came in and made my way to town.

There I stopped in on a few charity shops (London is really good with these) to pick out a piece of clothing or two. At this point Ella was ready to meet up in town so I took a train in to see her. We had a splendid lunch at Wagamama (British Japanese chain) during which we updated each other on our respective lives and made plans for the evenings to come. Ella basically grew up like me, just on the other side of the world. It’s wonderful: we’re both strange but lovable but also our own people. The night’s activity was a bar in New Cross called Amersham Arms. We went with our friend Saoirse and danced the night away. While I do recommend the spot for its lack of modern pop hits (the music ranged from 70s to 2000s) it was packed with many underage people. You could tell by the amount of clothes they weren’t wearing and how they tried to sway their hips to music clearly designed for jumping and grooving. Still, we had a good time!

The second day was spent in bed once again talking about old times. As the night reared its head I decided to have Ella dye the under layer of my hair blue again. It worked more or less. We went for a quick dinner with our friend Orla before getting ready to go to Bussey Building. This is a fairly popular club in Peckham. It has 4 floors, lots of ambience, and theme nights! Disregarding the fact that we’d dyed my hair, I decided to wear a green wig out. It made sense because Ella’s hair is pink. Trust me. The theme that night was the “South London Soul Train” so all the music was groovy, disco and exactly what I love to dance to. I got many compliments on my fake hair and shimmied to my heart’s desire. The crowd here was closer to our age so that was definitely a plus. Considering this was the first real club I’ve been to, I was significantly pleased.

We didn’t do much else the next day except go to Covent Garden and do some shopping. It was very nice to have a weekend to just hang out and relax. Not that I don’t enjoy my mad travels but it was nice to see a familiar place and some familiar faces! Hopefully Ella will visit me during my stay in Brussels and I can return the favor of her hospitality. In the meantime, I have to get ready for Poland. Cheers, mates!

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  1. True friendship did survived through the years! It all started with a pair of black gloves… Happy for you, girls!

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