Why you gotta be so Brugge?

This weekend marked the first trip I took with my art class. I’ll give you three tries to guess where we went. Any takers? No? Fine then! Brugge, (in Dutch) or Bruges (in French) is in the heart of Flemish Belgium and it is a place I have been to before. I must be honest, I hardly recall my previous visit this city and was very pleased at another chance to take in its beauty. The architecture is more Dutch than anything else, which is indicative of the region. The river Rhine runs through the center, making it an altogether picturesque day-trip destination.

I am confident in the fact that a day is enough for Brugge. You could certainly stay for longer if you want to visit every single church and museum, but it isn’t entirely necessary. I recommend climbing the belfry which I am almost certain I scaled once upon a time. My European trips back in the day were heavily focused on going up every possible tower in any possible place with my dad. Sadly, we didn’t have time yesterday. Nor did we go on a river boat tour. But such is life and I still had a lovely time!

Halfway through the day, I had to do a presentation for the class. At the start of the semester, we all picked topics correlating with our various destinations. The point is to give a short lecture during the trip itself, maybe to give a specific insight or maybe to give the teacher a break from talking. My topic was on The Plague. Fun, I know, but I generally like going first and getting big projects out of the way. The plague happened to be a choice for the first trip and it also happens to be a topic I’ve learned to death. Pun entirely intended. I spoke for 20 minutes, sufficiently grossed everyone out, and did it all with a big smile on my face. Now I don’t have to worry about it! My friend Trina also presented on this trip: we are currently, how you say, living the life.

Next week we go to Antwerp, stay tuned for detailed depictions of the sights, the goings on, and the beer.

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4 thoughts on “Why you gotta be so Brugge?

  1. As I recall, we went on river cruise, climbed belfry and even hired a carriage to take us around the city. And ate so much food! Good times!

  2. It was on that Belfry that we had a lovely loud performance of the ringing bells directly above our heads.

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