Feeling the Lux-ury

This weekend marked my first trip out of Brussels since I got here. It also was my maiden voyage to a new country! Granted I have been to roughly 25, this is a hard feat to accomplish. Hence, Luxembourg was an even cooler trip than Cologne would’ve been (hopefully) because I got to see it with new eyes and no prior knowledge. I was just about as lost and intrigued as my travel companions.

We arrived in Luxembourg City at around 9am, after a three-hour bus ride. You do the math for when I had to wake up. Don’t fret, we had a long restful night of going out and dancing beforehand.  After disembarking from our vessel and promptly finding a coffee shop (caffeine was necessary), we ventured into the city center. It was snowing. It was beautiful. Roughly as cold as Brussels and yet our umbrellas felt the soft touch of snowflakes rather than the hard punch of rain. We walked all around the old city walls and fortresses, known as the Wenzel Walk, with me being prime navigatrice. (I put this word into translate to make sure it checked out. Navigatrice actually means “yachtswoman”. Oh well.) I took on this role because *GASP* there was no wi-fi to access so my two lovely friends were at a loss. Luckily the tourist office gave us maps and even more luckily, I seem to have an affinity for this ancient method of finding directions.

The city itself is an odd mix of Northern architecture styles and more Southern-looking winding roads. It has a lower section and a higher one, and consequently many bridges. We threw many a snowball off these bridges and even made a snowman! We drank hot wine in the town square and watched children ice-skate. It pained me as much as it pleased me; I didn’t bring my skates to Europe but such is life. For dinner we ate at a restaurant overlooking the main square. It had stopped snowing during our wanderings but picked up just in time for a nighttime show. We got to see the outside world go from grey to white in a matter of 20 minutes. Belgium, this is your one failing, please take some notes. Other than that, a lot of what Luxembourg has to offer is actually outside of the city walls, such as the various castles in its countryside. This surprised me. Luxembourg is, in fact, bigger than I first thought. Being there only one day was sufficient for the city but I’d recommend a couple more days to get the full feel. It matters not, now I just have another reason to go back!

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  1. Brilliantly poetic: “…soft touch of snowflakes rather than the hard punch of rain”. Love it!

  2. i try to stick in some imagery here and there haha. yes, our sense of direction is golden!

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