Trams and Internships

Yesterday I witnessed a public transportation phenomenon that I simply don’t believe would occur elsewhere. The tram line I needed to go home was interrupted due to traffic or an accident, I’m not sure. The other passengers and I did not know what was going on so we waited roughly 20 minutes to see if our fortune would change. Everyone was looking around, calling the people who were now waiting for them and trying to figure out alternative routes to their destinations.

BUT WAIT. Before anyone (namely me) could get sufficiently flustered with the situation, the Brussels public transportation system STIB sent a bus for all of us unfortunate souls. This bus was specifically chartered to take us to the next operating tram stop. The driver made sure all this was known, and even explained it in Dutch, French and English. Now, considering I take two trams to get to school, it would’ve been quite difficult for me to find a roundabout way home. The matter in which the problem was taken out of my hands was both surprising and comforting. I’m assuming all cities have a system for handling such occurences but wow, I’ve never seen it work this fast and with such emphasis on accommodation. Brussels, you have yet to cease impressing me.

The day before that I started my internship with Clear Europe. We (I’m part of it) are a company that specializes in giving classes on writing, editing, public speaking and other forms of communication. We also offer advising on projects and can personally edit a piece of writing, presentation, or video. The main focus is to teach people how to concisely and effectively get their point across, using various types of media. My personal job is to generate more content on the site and prove that we actually know how to write ourselves. Other than me there is the boss and the assistant. We are small and we are strong. If you really want to know more about it, click that handy dandy hyperlink!

That’s all for today, see you folks.

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