And so it begins!

Greetings from the land of waffles and cheese! To be honest, I’ve yet to eat a Belgian waffle but I have been no stranger to cheese, not to worry. The supermarkets (which pop up on virtually every corner) have a splendid array of choices and I have not been taking them for granted. Belgians usually go to the shops a few times a week, partly due to the petite size of refrigerators here and partly because I assume they prefer their food fresh. My roommate and I have been following this practice, usually going to a different place every time, picking out various bits and bobs.

It’s now safe to say that I know my way around our little Uccle, the center of Brussels, and the campus of my school. Which is just in time because classes started this week! I’m taking 4: 2 of them are in the communications major, 1 is an advanced french class, and the last one is called Art in Europe. They’re all actually very interesting and I already really like my teachers but let’s focus on that last one. Art in Europe seems to be a class that was more or less built for yours truly. It is not an art history class, that is to say a class that focuses only on works of art, memorizing dates and the artists themselves. No, this class is much more a history class based around art. In lessons, we go through European history (much of which I’ve gone through countless times already) and then use that to find influences in art.

But WAIT, that’s just in the classroom. As much as I love sitting in class and feeling smart, that is not the main attraction of the course. It’s the trips…of course! That’s right, since it is a class called Art in Europe, it makes sense that the teacher would take us to see the sights and works we learn about. Our first trip is next weekend; we are going to Bruges. After that we’ll go to Antwerp, then Amsterdam, then Paris, then Trier. Jealous? Not too shabby, right? Some of these places we’ll only see for a day or two, others like Paris and Amsterdam warrant longer stays. Yes, these excursions are educational but I have always loved learning the history of an area and besides, there are no classes at night! My roommate is taking it with me, along with 2 other friends I’ve made. Suffice it to say, this class will probably be my favorite. There’s really no contest. It’s not like the one I have at 830 twice a week is a front-runner…


4 thoughts on “And so it begins!

  1. They do not offer classes like that in US, which is a shame.. different culture – everything that involves leaving your house more than 20 miles is a huge deal!

  2. How did you get so lucky to travel around Europe as part of your college degree?!?! … oh, wait, I know the answer to that one…

  3. And I enjoy to read the article. So good in expressing your mind and events! Almost like your father. May be sometime better. Ymnizha. Unbiased GR.

  4. One of our friend made a great comment: “it’s good to be your child!”. I agree!

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