Getting a second, third and fourth wind

Things are well on there way here in Brussels. In case you’re wondering about the title, let me clear up any confusion: this entire city is a wind tunnel. Don’t you worry though, I’m bundling up and insulating to the fullest. Today was actually the coldest day, even though it didn’t rain at all. I guess it’s a trade off?

Anyways, orientation was a couple of days ago and by Monday we are all going to be full fledged students. I have met countless citizens of the world, not to mention people from the most random American states. My new friends come from Minnesota, Norway, Tennesee, Kazakhstan, Alabama and countless other places. We are colorful group, let me tell you. The best part is that everyone is genuinely interesting and slightly weird. You have to be to choose a place like Brussels to study abroad, let’s face it. We’ve been building our schedules, getting tours of the city and campus, going out at night, and getting to know each other before the stress of school starts.

Today we went on a bus tour around the city, seeing the beautiful architecture. Fun fact: there is no rhyme or reason to it. There can be an Art Deco house next to a Neo-Classical one next to an extremely Modern one. This makes for a gorgeous cityscape and gives the city an air of originality. We drove by all the main sights such as the Royal Palace and Court of Justice to name a few. Everything was beautiful but we all went out last night so I, along with half the bus, definitely dozed off at points. After the bus tour, everyone in the Art in Europe class took a walking tour around Brussels. Now that was cool. Our teacher knows her stuff and happens to be hilarious. It doesn’t hurt that I already seem to be teacher’s pet…what can I say? I know my history. Along our tour, we found out that the flag of Brussels specifically has a yellow iris on a blue background. I seem to have inadvertently dressed up as Brussels today.

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3 thoughts on “Getting a second, third and fourth wind

  1. Kazakhstan and Alabama is a colorful picture! Love it!
    Teacher’s pet in an amazing class?! What more can you ask for?

  2. I’d love an architectural tour of Brussels… Can you be the guide when we come over?

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