Les Premiers Jours

It is my second full day here in Belgium, full being a loose term seeing as I can’t seem to get up before 2pm. Granted that this is not that far out of the ordinary for me, I’m still going to blame it on jet lag. Once I get over that hurdle, the world will be my hypothetical oyster.

My new apartment is in Uccle, an area roughly 20 minutes from the center of Brussels. I live with my lovely new roommate Clara Agnes (she’s southern) and we’ve already explored most of our surroundings. While we aren’t in the heart of the city, our little town is extremely adorable and has all the amenities one could hope for. On our first stroll we went in the exact opposite direction of all this and were slightly concerned about how residential our area seemed, only to be pleasantly surprised once we went the other way. There are shops galore, cafes and restaurants, post offices, banks, all the usual things. In reality, we lucked out on location. We get to enjoy our own little village while being within easy distance of the main attraction. Magnifique, no?

Today we ventured onto the trams for the first time (we’re pros) and made it to the Grand Place in Brussels. As you can see from the pictures, we wasted no time getting the traditional waffle or “gaufre” and taking some touristy photos. It isn’t too crowded this time of year, which is very nice because the weather is not at all bad. We’ll be taking advantage of the lack of crowds and freezing temperatures whenever we can. It is windy here and the skies are vaguely reminiscent of England but if those are the only problems I have to deal with, so be it. Orientation starts in a few days so we have some time to relax before we’re bombarded with classes and internships and new friends and whatnot. In the meantime, all the wine is all for us.

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3 thoughts on “Les Premiers Jours

  1. Did you recognize Grand Place from the last time you’ve been there? (8 years passed…)

  2. waffle looks delicious!
    They do not ask for ID in Belgium, right?

  3. I honestly didn’t but I did recognize the streets with the restaurants! That’s something haha. Mama, of course not, we look old enough!

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