Off to Brussels…

Sitting at the gate at the airport I realize that I am the sole American going to Belgium. No one is speaking in English. I’m glad the phone call I made was in Russian, my fellow passengers may have judged me otherwise! That’s beside the point, the point is I’m off to study in Brussels for a semester. Why Brussels? Simple, once you break it down.

Belgium’s national languages include French and Dutch…lo and behold, I happen to speak French! Great start, ok what else? Belgium is the hub of UN and EU affairs…my major being European Studies certainly doesn’t hurt! There are many other reasons but the main one is that Belgium is central and accessible to the rest of Europe. Hopefully I’ll get to revisit a chunk of it seeing as I didn’t end up going to university here.

Regardless of the reasons, it’s safe to say I’m excited. This is it. Crunch time. The test to see if I can make it abroad, if I can survive without the much appreciated help of my mother, if Europe is the place for me. It’s almost time so to board so for anyone who’s reading, au revoir and wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “Off to Brussels…

  1. Becky, good luck and easy flight and landing! We followed you in airport when you was hidden behind the wall of security check -up. Then I proposed to your mother and granddad to run to the other side, where other part of security check-up was. And we were waiting and caught the glimpse of your back when you turn to concourse for the gate. So, I was satisfied that you successfully passed security control.
    I started to miss you right away, so, please let us know how are you, described your trip. if in mood, and answer millions questions like: how you were met? how your accommodation? how you organized your meals? what is your schedule for lessons? how is your roommate? and so of and so of. Keep us in the course of your life.
    Good luck, Grandma.

  2. Thank you guys! Grandma, I will answer these things in messages to you!

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