Try, try, and fail again

Let’s try this bloggy thing again, shall we? I think it’ll work better if I think of stuff to talk about rather than describe only my life. That’ll be more interesting methinks! Of course, if amazingly funny things happen (which they do around me. I mean, I am Becky after all) I will definitely inform you of them without fail xD Alritey…hmmm. What to write?

I guess a quick update on me wouldn’t hurt.
I am currently on spring break, and attempted to dye my hair red. I’ve tried this SO many times it’s not even funny. No surprise that I failed again, I simply have ginger roots now! The rest of my hair shines reddish in the light but it’s not very profound. Sigh. Why can’t my hair comply with my desires? I don’t ask for much! I blame my dirty-blonde roots for this failure. They absorbed all the colour while the dark brown ends didn’t.
Then there was that funny occurance that took place Saturday which my darling father has kindly written up on the main page. Go check it out, twas rather funny! It involved me, a bike, and some jewish boys. I’ve intrigued you with that, no doubt…
My school recently put up it’s production of Hello Dolly! and I’m pretty sad that it’s over. I didn’t have a speaking part but being the tallest girl, I got cast as ‘the girl who’s 6 foot 3″. *grumpy face* I am only 5’8″! But it was really funny since my love had to be REALLY short. Had to come up to my shoulder in fact, which he did. But no, that’s not enough, is it? No, let’s make the poor girl wear some heels as well! I’ll put the picture below, the difference in heights was immense. I’ll put some other random ones after it…
Then I had a pretty awesome drama project which I’ll get daddykins to put on the main page. The task was to pick 3 words that either described you, evoked an emotion, or had a certain meaning and make a 5-10 second video using them. The words had to be shown one by one, in a creative way. All of mine, for some reason, were pretty depressing. Maybe i am secretly emo inside but anyways, I settled on “I Won’t Change”. And then tried to make it ironic by “changing” during the vid. You’ll see, it’ll make sense, don’t worry!

Ummm, what else duckies? Okay I am outta practice and can’t think of anything to write at the mo but give me some time and I will! What’s that I hear you cry? I can tell you what I’ve been up to since December? Nah, it’s not that interesting or your business 😛

Love you all, my monkey boys
Pip pip, all that british stuff