Yes I’m lazy, moving right along…

Yadda yadda, no post in a while. Blah Blah, shall try to keep up more. Beg beg, forgive me? Good, that’s over with. Can we please move on? My lazy tendencies are admittedly annoying but endearing I think. Oh be quiet, I’m writing ain’t I? Now see what you made me do?! I just used bad grammar. This is what you’ve lead me to. I hope you’re ashamed.

So my life has just been a bit uninteresting but it recently came to mind that I don’t actually need to write these like a journal but instead I can just pick a good topic to talk about. Genius, yes? No. Sadly, this brilliant idea arose as I was skimming though father dearest’s blog. I had completely outdone all my internet possibilities (facebook, youtube, mystery google) and had resorted to going on daddykins’ blog, typing my name in the search bar, and seeing what would come up. Half the post weren’t about me but included my name and some did not even have my name in them. At all. How strange.

Going on completely spontaneously (I never plan what I’m going to write, it just comes to me as I type) I noticed that I just mentioned mystery google in the last paragraph. For the poor souls out there who do not know what this is, I feel I should elaborate. RIGHT. Mystery google. Wow. How did I live without it.
What you do is go on to No duh, Sherlock (really wanna see the new movie by the way)! When you type something into the search bar your search leads you to what the last person on the site has searched. Confused? Hold on, hold on. Say I type in “pickles”. When I hit enter, I will not receive (to write that word I just had to do the ‘i before i except after c’ thing in my head. teehee.) search results for said “pickles”. Oh no, I can get something like “Oh my gosh, look behind you!”, I can get “your mission is to go outside and have a conversation with your mailbox. good luck”, I can even get “miley cyrus”! An example of the use of the last one is searching “devil child”.
This amusing site poses many opportunities to give people “missions”. You can tell them to do basically anything but you usually never know whether they do them or not. Unless you’re really desperate like some people and put your number up and say “call this number and sing me a broadway song”. Then you’ll know. 😀
What I love the most is how witty it can be. For instance if you type in “mystery yahoo” the site will (usually) reprimand you by saying “no, mystery google”. If you feel the urge to search “mystery google” it will remind you that “yes, that is the site you are on”. If you type something that makes no sense such as “fdssbgakgfadha” it’ll tell you to not write gibberish. On a whim I typed in the word “gibberish” in the search box and hit enter. Mystery google replied with “well aren’t you clever”. I was in awe.
The possibilities are endless! Do with that what you will.

OH! I remembered something funny that I believe you should listen to!
After Thanksgiving dinner at my grandparents house my family and I (well of course “and I”, I did go with them) drove to Virginia to stay at our family friend’s house. The amazing story has to do with their Wii Fit. My sister was playing a balance game called Table Tumble (?) where you stand on the board and lean back and forth, trying to get the marbles on the screen to fall into various holes. She wasn’t succeeding. My friend Nastya’s 2-year-old brother then decided to climb onto the board-type-thing. After he wiggled around for a bit I proceeded to grab his shoulders and use him as a controller/joystick for the game. With his help, I passed all 9 levels. When I had done it on my own I barely got past 4… This event was easily the best part of my Thanksgiving.

On a leaving note (oh come on, you didn’t expect me to stay forever did you?) I say that you should watch these two Christmas song videos by well-known youtuber Fred. As a side note it is amazing how famous he’s getting. He’s already been on 2 TV shows and one the vids that I’m posting below currently sails on disney channel during commercials. (Sails? I dunno why. Maybe it’s ‘cos I set my facebook language to English-Pirate). So yea, watch! For the first one, ignore the annoying first 10 seconds. It gets funny.
Toodle-pip my lovelys!