Owl City supported by Unicorn Kid

Oh deary me, I haven’t written in more than a month I believe. That’s rather careless of me! I apologise dearly to my 10 or so readers but I don’t actually have an excuse. I just simply forgot that I had a blog. Maybe it’s all the moving jitters, I dunno. But I will make an effort to stop having such large gaps from now on, I promise.

How about I make it up to you? Good? Yea, I thought so. You see, I went to a concert Thursday night and while you probably haven’t heard of the bands, it was amazing!

I was just looking up songs that I needed by Unicorn Kid (I’ll explain in a mo) and came across a link to his myspace page, so I clicked on it. Scrolling down I found out that he was having a concert in Hackensack, NJ which is actually rather near me (kinda). I was very surprised because first of all, he’s from Scotland and second of all, he doesn’t have a well-known record deal. I LOVE his music and him, personally. ANYWAYS, then came my exstatic-ness because he was in a concert supporting Owl City! Owl city just got signed this July but I’ve known them for around a year. They are just getting famous. But a concert with BOTH of them! WOW.

So I phoned the only other person I know who knows Owl City (who lives in America). And that is Danielle. She found out that the whole concert was only 12 bucks! A few phone-calls later and our parents agreed to let us go! Danielle also invited our friend Michelle who came with us to the concert.

Upon arrival at the venue (which is actually a School of Rock and lessons were going on during the show), Unicorn Kid was already playing. Sadly he only played for about 30 minutes. Afterwards he went to a table at the back to sell his T-Shirts. He was actually selling them himself! I bought one obviously. He is, by the way, the nicest guy in the world. He talked to us for a good 10 minutes and signed everything we asked. My iPod, my shirt, etc.(I know that doesn’t excactly prove he’s so nice but trust me, there’s not a sweeter guy in the world.) His trade-mark is a Lion Hat, which is also the name of one of his songs. Well, I decided to bring my panda hat along to the concert. When I told him I had it, he told me to put it on and loved it. We took a picture together roaring in our hats. He later on signed it. I’ve decided I love him.

After his part in the show Danielle, Michelle and I decided to go to the toilet. There was someone in front of us and she was in there for like 15 minutes. So we knocked on the door a few times and basicaly kicked her out. Then someone told us that she was the girl singer from Owl City. OOPS!

My panda hat got a lot of compliments. One boy was even willing to trade his hat for mine. Sadly, his was a DC baseball cap and mine was a panda hat from China. There was no trading.

A Norwegian singer called Kate Havnevik also had a bit but I didn’t really like her music. I don’t think a lot of the people at the concert were fans of that kind of music. We were all electro/indie people. But she was very nice and complimented my hat, too.

Owl City then came on and we were literally 6 feet away from them. Then venue was really small. Some kid dancing in the middle of the room pushed us even closer to the front. I got some amazing photos, I’ll put a few of them below. Sadly, my video has really bad sound quality so the vids didn’t turn out that good, except for the actually images. The lead singer, Adam Young, through some guitar picks into the audience. We didn’t catch any. When they came on for an encore for their last song, he let US (the audience) sing the last few lines of the song. I think that was cool.

Owl City didn’t come to a table to sell their T-shirts, someone else was selling them. Maybe they’re too famous to be allowed that close to people. But, hey, I got to hug Unicorn Kid so I’m fine.

While waiting outside for our ride, the drummer from Owl City came outside and we a conversation with him as well. He says ‘for sure’ a lot. Love it! His name’s Matt. He’s very hot. We told him more lights should have been put on him during the show because we were trying to take pictures of him. He said we shouldn’t have been taking pics of HIM. Ha, fat chance, he’s beautiful. He signed my hat and my camera. Then we told him that we had kicked his band member out of the toilet and he said ‘So you’re the ones who did that!’. T’was funny. Then I gave him one of my bracelets to wear. It’s pink and stretchy, I hope he keeps it on.

All in all, great night. Had soo much fun!

Me and Unicorn Kid, Me and Matt, Michelle+Danielle+Matt and Me, Danielle and Me, Michelle+Danielle and Me, Adam Young, Adam Young



Me and Matt

Us and Matt Danielle and Me

All of us

Adam Young2

Adam Young