Goodbye, my Britland

Good golly, it’s been a while since I graced you all with my presence! But I figured that since I am currently in an ‘Upper Class Virgin Atlantic Airport LOUNGE’, I should take advantage of the freebies including computers and internet. I’m living it large! Part of my reason for not writing has been no available computer but it’s mostly just laziness. And the sure-fire cure to my laziness? Write a poem instead of a blog! Enjoy this farewell creation that I am making up as I type…

Goodbye, my fair Britland
You’ve served me quite well
Now some years have flown by
It’s time for farewell

The transport of public-ness
Is one thing I’ll miss
The one thing New Jersey lacks in
Is this

My mates, oh my goodness,
Let’s name them in threes
Ella, Livi, and Tara
Amy, Emily, Bea.

Annah, Eliza, Connie
Saorise, Aiste, Orlafaf
That was not in an order
But it rhymed, what a laugh!

Yes, well that wasn’t perfect
But it’s you who’s to blame
It’s basically impossible
To rhyme all your names!

Anyway now, where was I?
Oh yes, listing my woes.
How I’ll no longer have winter
Without the snow.

How I’ll never be cold now,
In July, June, the lot
It’ll make me so sad
Everytime that it’s hot

How I’ll miss uniforms
And my all girls school
And those GCSE’s
Bet they would have been cool!

I guess what I’m saying
As my London life ends
Is that truly the one thing I’ll miss

Love you all

3 thoughts on “Goodbye, my Britland

  1. Thats so cute, i dont know why i randomly went on your blog????? oh well um…. how’s life in the USofA. You know i still know the fifty states!!!!!
    love connie (you know ‘english’ connie) x

    1. aww thanks for remembering my blog! life’s alrite here, pretty dull without you guys but i get by lol. i am vair proud of yur knowing of them xD how many other connie’s do i kno? <3

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