Hedgehog House #9 (and 10…and 11.)

I find it quite sad that I’m only up to number *cough* 11 of my collection. I’m extremely glad to be able to pile these 3 together, though! Saves my poor fingers slaving away like children in a factory during the industrial revolution. That’s right! Not just a witty mind! I is clever, two. lol.

These 3 chaps/chapettes are from Italy and I had a great time searching them out, ‘specially the glass one!
On a sadder note, there used to be 4. We have misplaced Vinny from Venice (original, no?) and are still searching with vigour for his whereabouts. The only problem is, he looks quite like one I already have. So I don’t know if that one is actually Vinny, or just a look alike. I’ll keep you posted if the detectives (just me) uncover any more about this case.

Let’s first talk about Chiaro who is situated on the right-hand side of the photo. He was obtained in a little shop on the Realto Bridge (actually it was fairlty large-some) in Venice that sold only things made of wood. I believe it started with Pinocchios (as in plural) if the video in the Rome version of the shop was anything to go by. My only disappointment was that although there were hedgehog keychains and pencil holders, there were no clocks or coat hangers. These came in a variety of other species such as cat, cat, elephant hanging of a boat, cow, etc. Kimmy, my little sister, got a cat clock which I despised for some reason. I dunno, maybe the tail moving but the eyes not kinda freaked me out. I myself got a coat hanger with two ADORABLE kitties, fighting over a fish, on it. And of course Chiaro. His name comes from a book I read called Falconer’s Knot whcih is based in Italy.(I don’t recommend it but the author, Mary Hoffman, has other books which are great. They are called the Stravanganza series and the first one is called City of masks.) The heroine is called Chiara, therefore I made the name masculine. Why? ‘Cos I liked it. I also named a cat that I saw the exact same thing.

Next comes Giorgio Murano (on the left) from, you guessed it, the island Murano. It’s situated very close to Venice and is tranquil, if a tad dull. The island is most famous for its glass-blowing masterpieces. We even sat in a on a glass blowing master called Giorgio, hence the first part of the hedgy’s name. I’d been looking in many many shops for a glass-blown hedgehog and found one in this master’s big shoppy-thing! I was VERY happy, you can ask Kimmy. ‘Twas a choice between yellow and green and I picked magenta obviously, as can be seen by the photo. I think Giorgio is my most satisfying find so far ‘cos it took so long.

Finally, meet Rommy from Rome. Hey, we’ve already discussed my amazing originality with names but there’s actually a story behind this one. At first I was gonna name her Romy, as in ‘Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion’. Then, upon arrival back to england I read a book that had a character in it named Romilly, or Rommy for short. I just fell in love with the name and believe the nickname suits the location of Rommy’s kid-napping, er, I mean purchase, perfectly.

So yea. Here they are. Two short guys and one tall girl. Isn’t that always the case?


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  1. So cute!
    Green one stands out with his sharp and GREEN needles!

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