Hedgehog House #8

Have you ever had a random gift given to you? And you felt so loved and thought the gift giver the lovliest person ever? You haven’t? Well that’s a shame but at least I HAVE! My lovely friend Connie, who is the only person who really understands my obsession with hedgehogs as she collects ducks, gave me such a prezzie on Tuesday this week.

I was actually expecting something really useless when she showed me the bag because for Christmas Connie got me peanuts. I think she’d forgotten to get me something so settled for those nuts of pea. She’d wrapped them up very nicely and had strictly told me not to open them until X-mas because they were so special. Naturally, I opened them within the next 3 seconds. Anyway, the point of this anecdote is a small apology to Connie. I underestimated your sense of good gifts and I’m sorry.

SO. I opened the bag and found a really smooshable little hoggy inside, with a blue ribbon wrapped around him. I was touched that Connie had seen him, thought of me, and bought him. She told me he was called Prickles which I thought very original until I found the name on his tag but oh well! It’s the thought that counts and I really love widdle Prickles!

That same day we had Maths which was spent by me working and Constance drawing on my hand. And what beautiful drawings they were! I took the liberty of photographing the thing that has fingers at the end of it and post it with this bloggy. Enjoy this, soon to be world known, piece of art.


Special items to notice on my hand:
>Upside down hedgehog
>American flag
>Watch replica
>Attempted mighty boosh logo in blue

connies art on my hand

2 thoughts on “Hedgehog House #8

  1. Isn’t it nice to have such friends?
    We want to see the rest of Hedgehog collection!

    1. It is lovely to have nice mates and
      you are probably the only one who wants to see it.

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