D of E(vil)

So the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme. It’s basically something the English government made up to make us stop whining about how heavy our school bags are. The cover up of this invention is that the award looks “good” on “CV’s” and “stuff”. Pft. NOT WORTH IT.
As you can probably tell, I went ahead and decided to do D of E (clever person that I am and all). Before I tell you about my, oh so, fun adventure, allow me to explain in further detailed detail what it is.

It’s a hiking trip with VERY heavy packs and lots of hills.

THERE! Now you know.

I slept over my mate Annah’s house the day before the expedition to save my lovely parents the hassle of driving me to school at 7am on Friday. See how nice I am? My good friend Ella also joined in this party of slumber. We actually went to bed ay 12.30 which isn’t that bad for us. Of course, before this, we went outside and discovered a HAMMOCK. We lay in it for about 40 mins and when people walked by decided to BE the hammock. (For your information, hammocks talk in in deep fast voices and repeat things many times.) We also arranged the potted trees in a hallway to stand in the middle of it and played frisbee (we are quite bad at this particular game). The frisbee then had to be returned to the hammock (where we had found it). Twas a fun night.
The next day at school the bus came (40 minutes late) and took us to somewhere in Kent. There we started our trek.

Here’s a sum up of the first day:
My group was Annah, Me, Emily, Bea, An-ma (Anne-Marie) were doing well at first but at some point went south for 2km when we were meant to be going north. (The first half, we walked with a teacher who I blame for our lostness).We were second to last to arrive at lunch. I was carrying two halves of a tent during the first half of the walk which caused me to cry many times. At lunch, we gave Annah one of the tent halves which helped loads. We met up with a group about an hour in being led by our resident Scottish teacher, Ms McNabbers (this is not the actual spelling of her name but I worry about teachers googling themselves because yes, they are that sad)! She gave us a right laugh! The other group wad hopelessly lost so Ms said ‘Let’s go that way!’ Her group asked why and she replied with ‘Well the other way leads to Scotland.” You had to be there. It was hilarious!
We actually got to camp second at around 6pm which was our goal in the first place. We cooked pasta and put up our tents and then went beddy-bye. Sleeping in tents is cold and my tent-mate, Bea, rolled onto my side very often.

Day numero two:
We were in much better spirits on Saturday and were first to leave camp in the morning. Over the hike, various groups caught up to us but quickly fell behind. We were told to leave a card at a farm to show we’d got that far before going ahead. Ours said ‘We got here first! Na Nicky Na Na! (We probably won’t get home first).’ Well…WE DID. We arrived at our pick up point before our TEACHERS let alone everyone else! We were well proud. Sadly, me and Annah got picked up last ‘cos our ride was Ella’s mum. Not only did her group get back almost last, but Ella also forgot to call her mum and tell her to pick us up. Ah well, I learned a few card tricks and horrified all the teachers with my music.

And this was only the practice expedition! I have the real thing in two weeks. My shoulders and legs still kill so much but I’ll survive (barely).

Here’s a pic of our arrival at the pick-up point! From left to right:

Annah, Bea, Emily, An-ma, Me
(the sign say ‘We got here first!’ btw)
we're done

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