Zai jian (buh-bye in Mandarin)

Yes. I realise it’s a bit of a cheek saying good-bye when I haven’t been around much anyways. But that’s just me! Shall we get you up to speed on things?

Me and Ella didn’t win the costume competition. Our lovely friend Saoirse (Sersha) did instead. And if it had to be anyone, we’re glad it was her rather than a mere acquaintance. We were still very upset because we had put more effort into our costumes, especially me.

I have been working on World War One poetry (joy.) and have written my own little poem (actually it’s 8 verses) in honour of the topic. Plus, I had to for my homework. It’ll be on the main bit of the site because I feel people go there more often. The poem’s called ‘We will Return’ so look out for it.

I had my interhouse dance competition. Allow me to explain. In England we class each student (and teacher, but who cares) into a ‘House’. Yes, my Harry Potter fanatics, it’s just like that. In fact, my little sister’s school actually uses to Hogwarts names for them. My school’s a bit more original. So. Meridian is the Green house, the awesome house, the house that generally places 2nd or 3rd in competitions, the house I belong to. Vanbrugh is yellow and they are just like us in the scoring but obviously less cool. Paragon is blue and good at Drama and Dance but other than that, come last in everything. Sorry guys, but you know it’s true. Lastly, there’s Morden. They are red. They are amazing. They almost always win first place in absolutely everything.
Now back to the dance compo. Each class has a certain number of people belonging to each House in it. These people are forced to dance together. Last year, we had to choose a song from a musical. This year, we had to choose 2 styles of dance to do to a instrumental piece of music. It was harder this year. My group has 5 people in it including me and we decided to do Street and Ballet. Interesting combination, I know. Amy and I did ballet while Leah, Orla and Saoirse did street. Then halfway through we do a bit of both in unison. We danced to a slightly more street version of ‘Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies’. We named our dance ‘The Green Sugar Plums’. Original, no?
Ballet people wore black leotards and green tutus (I think it was the first time in 5 years that so many people said ‘Awwww!’ to me) and street people wore black trousers, green shirts and hoodies. We were first up to dance and before you get excited, we didn’t win. But we did get to perform twice. They cut us short ‘cos they thought we had finished so we went again at the end. The winners were Paragon, second place was one Morden, third place was another. See what I said about Morden finding ways to still kinda win? They won both interhouse hockey and netball but I don’t really care ‘cos I scored 5 of the 10 goals into the basket so HA!

My last thing to say to you, is that I’m off to China. Hence the title. It’s a school trip! I cannot believe my school is going to CHINA! This would never happen in America. Anyways, I’m gonna take pics and stuff but I wanted you people to know that that is the reason I’m not writing. Instead of my normal laziness, I actually can’t blog.
Now please enjoy some Chinese characters I drew on Paint two years ago! I know you can’t read it but I can’t be bothered to tell you what it means at the current moment in time. Remind me later. BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!