General Ketchup

Ha ha! See what I did there? Isn’t it funny…
Oh come ON! I’m talking about the genius word play! Yeesh! You just can’t put up jokes that require thinking can you, these days?

I’m sure everyone has missed my witty sarcastic superiority and feel like they cannot stand another day without brain testing jokes like the one above. Well YOU are all in luck. I’m finally writing something! Please hold the applause if you can manage it. I know you all love me but clapping is a nuisance and whoever invented it hates human ears.

Nothing big has really been happening lately which is why I haven’t written. And big things that have happened I either:
a) Can’t be bothered to write about because my fingers would get bored
b) Feel they are MY business
c) Have somehow forgotten ever since the aliens visited
Take your pick. I personally like that last one but whatever you choose, you’ll still never know the BIG thing. That is IF it exists…
So you will all be curious and junk or not care in the slightest. How about I just discuss recent happenin’s?

Well for one thing, Friday was book character dress up day. Now, as I may have said before, England notoriously sucks at Halloween. Book Day is my own personal alternative because there are plenty of things to dress up as even if we are a bit more restricted. Anyway, I like it more because you wear the outfit all day in school, which is better than just in front of mates or not at all. Let me tell you ’bout my outfit then, shall I? Can I just say that ‘Thank jam, they made a Mighty Book of Boosh!’ I mean, some people dress up as TV characters instead of books but that’s not as fun. Since the book was made, I didn’t break any rules by going as OL’ GREGG. And one of my best mates, Ella, went as THE HITCHER. They are both played by the same actor in the show (The Mighty Boosh) but we decided they both had to be honoured.
My outfit of Ol’ Gregg:
> White boots (I compromised with black)
> Green tights/leggings
> Pink tutu (I wore shorts under this)
> Black button up shirt (thank you one pound charity shops!)
> White tie (made out of paper during Spanish, and before this is commented on: I got 97% on my last test so a little goofing is okay)
> Silver jacket (I would like to thank Maddie g, Ella’s sister for lending me this because I couldn’t find one ANYWHERE)
> Seaweed hair (I used green hair spray)
> Green face (mix of blue and yellow face-paint and then some hairspray liquefied in a cup and painted on)
> Black mustache (eyeliner=good to go)
> Pink eyeshadow under the eyes
> Yelling out ‘I’m Old Gregg!’ once in a while (only about 10 people in the school actually knew who this was but I felt like saying it)
Below are some pictures of that glorious day. You should be able to tell which person is me from my descripiton (said in French accent for some reason). The first is from the balloon debate (we are all stuck in a hot air balloon, give speeches, and the audience votes on who doesn’t get kicked out) and the second is lovely-ly random. If anyone wants to know: Ella (The Hitcher) is second from the left on the second piccy.

I did not go on public transport dressed like this. I went in my shorts and leggings with my jacket on top and put on the tutu, face stuff and make-up in school. I have a feeling I might’ve had the best costume in my year. You cannot believe how many people put on a tutu and wings and call themselves a fairy. Oh, and leg-warmers as all fairies seem to be from the 80s these days.

In other news, I went to a sleepover on Saturday night and watched Tropic Thunder, Jackass and SKINS with Amy, Ella and Saoirse (Sersha). I had broken my amazing watch’s wrist band thing so I don’t know what time I fell asleep as I was wearing my other one…which doesn’t light up…and is hard to read even when it’s not dark. I think snoozy time was about 5-6am. Yea, that’s about it. I took two buses home at around 10.30am and that was that.

I hope you feel that a ketchup, of what’s been going on, has occurred and I bid you FAIR ADIEU! (Please tell me you got the word play this time. I mean I gave you a second chance and if you missed it again, then, well, good luck in life my friend.)