Cajun Flavoured Squirrel Anyone?

Yea. I’m not actually offering to give you a spicily flavoured squirrel. But I’ve tried it! Well, more or less…

Walkers Crisps have got a brilliant new advertising kick. They’ve made 6 new flavours that’ll be in stores ’till the end of April. But that’s not all! After trying the new ideas, you have to vote for your favourite one. The one with the most votes will become an actual addition to the Walkers family. The others will not. Which is a shame really, ‘cos almost all of them are amazing and will sadly be forgotten. This is my critique for the choices:

Crispy Duck and Hoisin:
Delicious, strongly spiced and overall appetising. But it’s been done before, no matter how good it tastes. Sadly, for the creator of the flavour, this is most likely not my vote.

Fish and Chips:
Very interesting. You can feel the vinegar (surprisingly nice) and the fishiness. Good for some people, but I don’t think that everyone would enjoy it ‘cos of the vinegarness but I liked it. It was odd to see a crisp flavoured with something it was made of (potatoes).

Cajun Squirrel:
Now before eating this I looked on the back to see ingredients. I thankfully found a little note saying ‘No squirrels were harmed in the making of the crisp’. PHEW! (Companies seem to do artificial animal flavourings often as Walkers has a Roasted Chicken packet and my friend who’s a vegetarian eats it and tells me it’s not real chicken.) I love Cajun food and this was no exception. Very spicy, but not for me obviously, (I have taste buds of steel) and a cool idea. Strong contender for my vote.

Builder’s Breakfast:
Oh my goodness, this one’s so cool! You can taste all the bits in a traditional breakfast inside it! The bacon, the eggs, the sausage, etc. I was really impressed with it’s ability to bring across so many foods at once. Delicious! Strong contender as well!

Onion Bhaji:
Hmmm. I’ve gotten to love Indian food lately so I was expecting great things. From the smell it gave off, upon opening the packet, I thought it would be amazing. And I’m not saying it was bad! It was really yummy. But not strong enough. The taste I got from it was very weak. That may just be my tongue but I like something a bit more exciting.

Chilli and Chocolate:
This last one honestly worried me. But tasted bellisimo! I didn’t actually get the taste of chocolate that strongly, which was good ‘cos that might be icky. The crisp taste of spicy chillies (but not in an overpowering ‘pepper’ taste) and cinnamon. A true shower of a love for spice, both sweet and hot. Well I liked it but it’s one that may repulse differently taste bud-ed people.

If you’ve tried them (or not) go on to vote! And tell me if you thought differently on them!

4 thoughts on “Cajun Flavoured Squirrel Anyone?

  1. Hey,
    I think we should help Walkers in creating new unique flavors. Why to choose squirels and leave the other wild animals abandoned? How about adding some new flavor like “rat vinegrette”, or “smell of hyppo”? It reminds me Harry Potter’s All Flavors Beans. Similar idea – vomitting flavor, etc.

    Excellent writing! Real fun to read.
    All of us with love.

  2. Natasha I think this is a brilliant idea but I believe that the squirrel flavour was inspired by a real recipe and I’m not sure rat vinegrette exists. We should create it!

  3. sounds very good! like i tasted myself! not hungry anymore.
    I think i may skip my breakfast after such detail and colorful descriptions!

    Great job!

    Love you.

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