Hedgehog House #7

Bonjour people of Earth, the universe and Wyoming! In honour of Valentine’s Day, I am putting up a special lovey-dovey hedgehog.

This is Lovebug, pronounced “Wuvbug”. Hoggies like him were being sold in Sainsbury’s (it’s like a british Shoprite) for Valentine’s Day gifts and my mum happened to walk by them. She didn’t pick one up right away but after getting all she needed she walked past the shelf again. There were only 3 left so she decided to get me one with the strict notion of telling me to blog about him on Valentine’s Day.

There’s not much to tell about him yet except for he’s very soft, and my sister had slept with him since he’s been bought basically. Oh, and his name reminds me of a song by the Jonas Brothers. ‘Now I’m speechless over the edge, I’m just breathless I never thought that I’d catch this lovebug again.’ Now I dislike the band quite a bit but I don’t mind this song. I’m not gonna put it up ‘cos I don’t like it THAT much but it’s called Lovebug (SHOCKER!) and should be on youtube.

I have no actual plans for V-day but mum and I are going to see a film and I’m meeting up with people next weel instead of Valentine’s…

4 thoughts on “Hedgehog House #7

  1. what is this strange infatuation with hedgehogs??

    1. Sorry Christina, I haven’t had a computer for a while and couldnt see your message! I will write to you by email as soon as possible, I promise. Miss you, Becky

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