I’m dreaming of a white…GROUNDHOG DAY!

I know it’s unlike me to write 3 posts, 3 days running but OH MY JAM! A snow day in England! This defies the laws of rain so common in this lovely country!

So I woke up this morning after my 3rd alarm (I can never get up right away so I press ‘snooze’ twice) only to get a phone call from my friend Emily. I call her Lemon but that may confuse people so we’ll stick to EMILY. And she calls me saying ‘Hey! I’m not going into school today!’ and I go ‘Huh?’ (there was some snow yesterday but I didn’t think there would be anything serious) and she says ‘Look outside!’. And I say ‘Wow!’. And she says ‘I know!’. Em then proceeded to tell me that buses and trains weren’t working and this excited me very much. My mother was awaken and told this and she said ‘Right, I’m not digging out the car, you can stay home.’

I would just like to take this moment to say THANK YOU LEMON! If she hadn’t called me, I would’ve gotten dressed for school and gone to the bus stop and stood there for quite a while. And besides, school was closed today due to the SNOW. It’s the first time since 1991! A few poor souls actually came into school unknowing of the cancel-ization of their need to attend today. They just stayed until they could be picked up.

I, on the other hand, spent today making snowmen, snow angels, climbing trees (yes, I can do this even dressed like an Inuit and while branches are covered in snow) and watching TV. It’s been lovely and I hope for the same tomorrow, which is quite possible ‘cos my mum said it’s snowing all WEEK.

Oh, today is Groundhog Day in America by the way. If the little animal didn’t see it’s shadow, he sure was right about 4 more weeks of winter. At least for Britland!

king-george-and-mep.s. This is King George (he’s not the English king, that’s just his name) who we made yesterday as we were worried the snow would all melt.