My new backgroundy thingy

HELLO PEOPLE OF THE INTERNET. I come in peace! Do not be alarmed by my superior writing skills, I will not harm you…
Sorry but I really did have to get that out of my system. SO!
Due to suggestions by people who will not be mentioned (*cough* Jacob *cough* Esfir), I have changed my theme on my blog. The afore(not)mentioned people pointed out that the font was hard to read. I hope this works better.
Please leave comments on whether you like this new theme which may have little new changes now and again!

p.s. LOOK! In the left hand corner, underneath ‘Recent Posts’ there’s a very pretty little picture. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! Look at the little heart at the end of the phrase ‘City Slicker’ and you may witness something AMAZING.

2 thoughts on “My new backgroundy thingy

  1. ye i read ur blog it very gud and informative(i never made one but i supose u put a lot of time into it) and i wud have never remmembered so much about my lifes events, u obviously have a better memory than me.

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