Hedgehog House #6 plus goin’ to Tara’s

Yes, I realise that this is basically all my posts are about my lubly hoggies these days, but I’m a very busy person with a huge social life. So meet Chubs who I got in San Gimignano!
My second trip to Italy brought upon a visit to our favourite little city in Tuscany. As we were walking about, as you do, we came across a shop with lots of stuffed toys inside. Well, being a sucker for stuffies, despite my age, I had to go inside! *coughs* I mean, my sister Kimmy dragged me in! We looked around for a while and saw some small animals that we couldn’t decide the species of. Then I looked a bit to the left and WOW! A huge, really fat, extremely cute HEDGEHOG! He was automatically christened Chubs for his chubbiness obviously. He still gets the most attention from people who see my vast collection as he sticks halfway out from the shelf. Below is a picture of me in shock as I hold my newly discovered tenant.

Shocking-it's chubs
So yesterday I went to Blackheath Village, after p.e., as I always do on Friday. I go with the ‘crew’ to a coffee shop called Montepeliers (Montypelios as we call it) and drink milkshakes and eat cupcakes and wait for our guy friends to join us. Then we hang out until people start leaving and I usually end up going to someones house afterwards. (The ride home on my own takes 45 mins to an hour.)
This week, I went to Tara’s! Along with Livi, Anna and Saoirse (Seersha)! We started watching TV and when that didn’t work, put in a DVD. We ended up watching Bridge to Terrabithia, which I LOVE. Somehow, we ended up making the movie funny through our own ways and at some point I put out a candle with my fingers. Livi had the idea first but chickened out and poured milk on the poor candle instead. After that, she decided to relight all the candles. Tara specifically warned her to be careful (we all love Livi but she is a teeny bit of a klutz) and not set fire to anything. Well Livi being herself lit the candles after about 10 minutes only to scream in horror ‘OMG! Tara! I set your candles on fire! I’m so sorry!’. After being stared at for a bit she realised the clever-nosity of her words.
We ate chicken and chips and home-made brownies and oreos and other sweeties and had a great time with loads of prank calls. Can’t wait to host my own one of these things!

2 thoughts on “Hedgehog House #6 plus goin’ to Tara’s

  1. You could use this LITTLE friend as a pillow as well, not just as conversation piece! I’ve tried myself!

  2. ARHAR.
    Bex, ILY.
    And your Hodgehegs are cute!
    This is AWESHUM.

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