Hedgehog House #5, plus my BCG

Yo my people! Meet Frizzle. I believe he’s the first hedgehog actually bought for my collection. Before that I had Gosha but he was a gift and I wasn’t really collecting. Then I saw this little dude in a little town in Loire Valley. (The location of Frizzle’s adoption had to be discussed for a good 5 minutes by my mother and me before we realised where he was from.) There were about 4 other little statues of the same make in various positions but his spoke to me. I saw him and said ‘Hey, I should really start that collection I was meaning to do. Can I have one?’ My lovely parental figures said yes, probably because he was only 6 euros. The tag is still attached to his bottom for authenticity. Ain’t he a cutie?

Now that you’ve met Frizzle, let me tell you about my recent INJECTION! It’s called a BCG and is against Tuberculosis, whatever that is. On Monday, I had something called a Scratch Test which is an injection that tells me if I actually need a BCG if it becomes a rash (which it didn’t). Well, I missed my appointment for it ‘cos AHEM no one told ME! But I got it done and it’s more painful than the actual immunization shot. Oh, and the lovely lady didn’t put it in properly at first and said (quote) ‘Oh, sorry, I missed. Just have to do it again’. HUH? Are they kidding me? This was an outrage! Trained professionals my arse.

Anyway, as I didn’t get a rash, I had to have my BCG done on Friday. I sat with all the other people in my year (Year 9) who had also missed their injectiony things last year. They were completely terrified and deemed me a freak for being so calm about it. I took no offense from this as it’s true and ‘cos they also said I’m ‘insanely brave’ which was nice. I promised them to go first to say what it’s like. So I went and, after telling me I had apparently ‘perfect’ arms, the ladies giving me the shot decided I was odd as well. They said I was ‘strangely calm about all this’ but I could just hear their thoughts saying ‘OMG! What’s wrong with this girl?’

So, after asking me if I was pregnant (which they said they asked boys as well, the freaks) they gave me the shot. The needle was in my arm for a freaking 30 seconds. They kept talking to me during this which I don’t really like as I don’t think they actually care what I say and they’re just trying to distract me from pain. (For the record, I did not cry AT ALL. I only flinched.) After finally removing the needle, they put a cotton swab against the new hole in my arm for two minutes and it STUNG. But it was all okay really and I skipped out from behind the screen dividing the waiting area and injectification area. My classmates stared at me and said to each other but in a way meant towards me ‘And she just skips out, happy as can be!’ And I told them all it was quite long but the Scratch Test was worse.

And that’s how I got my BCG! The ladies told me it might go all weird and scabby in about 2 weeks and I know for a fact that I will always have a mark from it! YAY! Not. But my mum’s is like a beauty spot while my dad’s is as big as a quarter/50 pence coin. Well we’ll see how mine ends up later.

p.s. If you noticed that I put many words in CAPS it doesn’t mean I’m shouting the words, it just means I’m saying them in a different way but not an italic different…if you get what I mean. Which is hard to do as I honestly don’t myself…

Well cheerio my monkey boys!

2 thoughts on “Hedgehog House #5, plus my BCG

  1. what a brave girl!
    i don’t remember any problems with BCG with our kids. What is really such a big deal for you friends?
    how did it go afterward?
    how do you feel? any bad reactions?

    how is Kimmy doing?
    I haven’t gotten any emails from her recently.

    love you


  2. i am very brave, danka!
    it was a big deal for them but i dunno why.
    i feel fine now and there have been no reactions yet, no.

    Kimmy is fine and i’ve told her to email you

    love, becky

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