Hedgehog House #4

Now meet Richie, short for Richard but cuter. I got him in the French city/town/tortoise of Reims. I jsut saw him on his widdle dungarees (overalls for Americans) and had to have him! Mind he, he was rather expensive (apparently he’s part of a collectable animal collecty thingy) but he’s worth it. Lovely, cutesy hedgyhoggy thing! He was one of my rather early on hedgehogs and is still one of me favourites!


Well here he is, the charming fellow. But there’s not much more to say about him so HOW ABOUT I sing you all a song/crimp from a lovely show called THE MIGHTY BOOSH!

Bouncy bouncy, ooh such a good time!
Bouncy bouncy, shoes all in a line!
Bouncy bouncy, everybody somersault. Somersault, summertime. Everybody sing along!
Bouncy bouncy, ooh such a good time!
Bouncy bouncy, white socks slipping down!
Bouncy bouncy, stilettos are a no-no!
Bouncy bouncy, OOH! Bouncy bouncy, OOH!
Every time I bounce, I feel I touch the skyyyyyyyy!

There now wasn’t that lovely? I’m glad you liked it…

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