Back to school. Oh joy. Yay.

*sighs* So school starts again tomorrow after my long and lovely break (Dec 18 to Jan 7). I can’t wait, really. The joy that fills me must be very obvious. *more sad sighing* Let’s recap what’s happened during the holidays:

I spent a lot of time watching TV with my warm duvet and the CHERUB series books handy for any commercials.

I went to visit our friends in Reading on the 27th and had a sleepover at my house the very same night with Eliza.

I went to see The Tale of Despereux (for free) with 3 of my friends (Eliza, Ella and Bea) and 2 of Kimmy’s plus their mums. This was after barely catching the bus because of good old Ella losing her mums car keys. It’s an okay film but I wouldn’t pay to see it or buy the DVD. (We got free T-shirts and I got one for each of the people in my crew, they were more than happy with them.) That night, Ella slept over and we watched Grease while writing all over a almost blank T-shirt that we plan to share. It will be making an appearance soon.

The O2 was visited my moi and the crew where we gave up on the idea of skating and ate Thai food and saw Yesman instead. Very funny film, gotta love Jim Carrey! After the film, we wandered around and eventually went to Livi’s where we watched pirates of the Caribbean TWO. Yes dad, when I went back to Livi’s, I checked. It was definitely the SECOND movie.

I went shopping with Livi and Tara on New Year’s Eve and bought a Wonder Woman T-shirt while Livi bought a Star Wars one. We plan to interchange them. After shopping, I got my top that Livi had borrowed a few months ago (and never worn) back and went home for a bit.

Then I spent that night at Peter’s with all of the lovely crew.

My New Year’s presents were two Hedgehogs, leg-warmers (which I had asked for), a black cardigan and a light white jacket. All very good presents in my opinion.

On the 3rd on January, another sleepover took place, this time at Anna’s, with (yes you guessed it!) the crew. So we like spending time with each other, sue us! We watched the Eye (not scary at all) and I discovered that I find ‘scary’ movies funny. A bit odd, but okay! I was almost the last to fall asleep and that was at a little past 5am, mostly because I was near the talking ones. You see, the sofa had been overtaken by Robbie, who had fallen asleep all spread out. Me and Ella were smooshed so being the kind person I am, I told her I’d sleep on the floor so she’d have more space. She was also whining a lot so this made her be quiet. Oh well, she owes me now so all’s good. ANYWAY, I ended up next to talkier people who told me they went to sleep at 7. We all woke up at 7.46 (I’d checked my watch) so it wasn’t really enough sleep for them but OH WELL! The get-together ended with me accidentally stealing Elliot’s tie.

Everyone went into London yesterday except me for 3 reasons. I had a Typhoid injection for my China trip (Can I just say that my arm still hurts from the stupid shot but the injection itself didn’t!), I’d have to rush to make it and also, I just couldn’t be bothered. Instead, I watched Eragon, 10 Things I hate about you and Evan Almighty. Later on, I went to Eliza’s house to watch her debut on TV in M.I.High. It was cool but she wasn’t in it a lot, she said she will be later on. I’ve decided that I’m watching the show without her from now on as outbursts of “OMG! I’m in this scene!’ so get on the nerves a tad. Love you Eliza!

Right, that’s been my hols and I hope you had some great ones too! To end, here’s a funny rendition of Feliz Navidad (a bit late but who cares) by a brilliant singer, Dave Days who generally makes songs to make fun of Hannah Montana. This song doesn’t, don’t worry. Now you Hannah Montana lovers, I really do like the show but his songs are just brillo! Enjoy: