New Year’s Nite/Morn

‘You and me baby ain’t nothin but-‘ oh hello! Didn’t see ya there! Sorry, I was just singing tunes of goodnosity, my bad! So this New Year’s eve my parents let me hang out at my mates Peter’s house (love you peter!) and bring in 2009 there. Of course, my mum had to call his parents first and ask paranoid-y parent-type questions. But I got to go, whoo!

Most of our crew was there as well which was 5 people (Livi, Peter, Robbie, Anna, Tara) other than me. Oh, and Peter invited his mate, Elliot, as well. We spent most of the night listening to baaaad music on music channels. It was ‘non-stop new year’s eve party jams’. They sadly were non-stop. We watched the countdown in London on BBC1 and all did random things we’d wanted to do that year, before the countdown. At around 1am we were booted upstairs and at around 3 we were made to put on pj’s. We actually only fell asleep at a little after 6, we are rebels! During all these hours we tried to fit on one full-sized bed, the seven of us. We gave up on that after about an hour and took turns going on the floor in pairs. Hehe, I only spent about 10 mins on the floor so I lucked out.

Livi woke us girls up at 9, the evil person. I believe I fell asleep again till 10-ish and then we went into the guys room and watched The Mighty Boosh (WHOO!) and listened to music…which I was singing before.Here a few things that I either forgot to mention or um, shall just say now.

> My outfit rocked so much: funky top, polka-dotted black tights and jean shorts.

> I created the fashion of wearing watches on your ankle when it started annoying my wrist.

> I went ginger (redhead) from this really cool spray. it washes off but I still have a cool streak. Oh, Peter tried to give Elliot a streak (Elliot has mega sexy hair) but only managed to hit his neck so I think he’s now a vampire with a ginger neck.

> We took a pic of Peter while he was sleeping and it looks very ‘aww’.

I think that’s all I missed but I’ll add more if I remember. I’d just like to make a point that spending New Year with your mates is absolutely brill!

Thanks my parenty people!

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  1. Enjoy!
    Happy New Year!
    Treasure your friends and make tons of new ones!

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