Hedgehog House #4

Now meet Richie, short for Richard but cuter. I got him in the French city/town/tortoise of Reims. I jsut saw him on his widdle dungarees (overalls for Americans) and had to have him! Mind he, he was ... Read More

Back to school. Oh joy. Yay.

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*sighs* So school starts again tomorrow after my long and lovely break (Dec 18 to Jan 7). I can’t wait, really. The joy that fills me must be very obvious. *more sad sighing* Let’s recap w... Read More

New Year’s Nite/Morn

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‘You and me baby ain’t nothin but-‘ oh hello! Didn’t see ya there! Sorry, I was just singing tunes of goodnosity, my bad! So this New Year’s eve my parents let me hang ou... Read More