Hedgehog House #3

Bonjour mon petite-pois! Here comes another hedgehog with a lovely story included.

Meet Malina. He’s a boy: to confuse people a bit. While in Germany last year, my family and I went around the X-mas markets. At some point, we came upon this lovely little hedgehog, very pale in fur colour, and very cute. As soon as I saw him, I remembered an old Russian song about a hedgehog: ‘The rubber hedgehog, with a hat made of raspberries, with a hole in its side.’ Don’t ask me why as this little dude has apples attached to him. But I liked the thought and decided to call him Raspberry. I dunno why most of my hogs are boys, they just are. ANYWAYS! After purchasing the little dumpling and walking quite a bit, I discovered that one of the apples was quite loose and actually fell off when I touched it. So we mosied* on back to the stall and got Raspberry’s twin, Malina. (By the way, Malina is raspberry in Russian.) Well, I couldn’t give it the same name, now could I? So here he is, what a cutie!

*Mosied is some form of moving, I think.


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