Hedgehog House #2

It’s cool, it’s spiky and most important of all, it’s completely random and original! That’s right! Welcome back to *happy jingle plays* Hedgehog House! This is the show where you get introduced to all those furry things I collect-afy! So grab your boxes of mini quiches and enjoy the writing-ness that will shortly follow this peppy intro!

Meet Coochie! My parents went to Germany (Leiderhosen-land) for a excursion of, um, excursion-ness. They did stuff…but who cares ’bout that? They brought me back a hedgehog! They also brought one for me sistah. Oh yea, mum says they are from Nurnberg. She’s watching me with those eyes-mc-pies. ANYWAY! They were luverly hogs and I just had to bring mine in to school o’course. Yea. Um. I managed to break a bit of his nose off. Twas quite sad, really. And funnily enough, my sister broke the nose of hers on the same day! Coinky-dink? Maybe. A dandelion? Don’t think so.

So that’s how I got Coochie and Coochie’s bro, who’s name I do not know. HEY! I rhymed! Whoo! Hehe. They were just put into my collection when I started it because I already owned them B.C. (before collect-afying).

So here they are! Coochie on zee top and his bro on zee, um, below! I don’t like calling things a ‘bottom’, it’s a tad rude.


Coochie's bro

One thought on “Hedgehog House #2

  1. It must be in the family – I mean broken nose – all the other hedgehogs from this collection lost some part of their noses as well.
    They reside in Russia now

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