Oh my giddy gods pantyhose!

I went to see the Mighty Boosh live! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! It was so cool! Right, I’ll try to calm down long enough to tell you peoples about it…*mad happiness fit*

So. Not many people actually know what the Boosh is (and absolutely no one American will know it), sadly so I may have to explain a bit…which is actually physically impossible. But I’ll try, just for you. That’s how nice I am. The Mighty Boosh is an English TV show starring Noel Fielding (phwooooar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*) and Julian Barratt. The show is completely random and utterly inexplicable. But it has brilliant humour, if a bit odd (which is fine by me) and Noel’s Hair is dead gorgeous. He plays Vince Noir while Julian Barratt plays Howard Moon. Vince is cool and gets all the girls, Howard likes jazz and everybody basically takes to the mickey (makes fun) of him. They live in a world where anything is possible and most impossible things do happen anyways. Both actors actually play more than one role throughout the show, the characters of which I can’t be bothered to name. Maybe I will in a long Boosh blog. The other main characters are Bollo the Gorilla, Bob Fossil (a mad American) and Naboo the enigma (wizard). Naboo is actually played by Noel’s brother and Bollo’s just cool.

I think I’ve explained enough really. After waiting 3 months for the show to take place we finally got there: my best mate Ella, her dad, and moi! Many people were in costumes and we quickly bought goody-bags, light-up badges and T-shirts. The rest is all a very lovely loveliness which I will leave to your imagination. We met up with my other best mate (I have about 10), Livi during the intermission thingy and screamed for a bit randomly. I also saw some younger girls from my school there which was very beanz. I like seeing people I know.

I don’t think I’ve gotten over the shock of actually seeing Noel Fielding with my eyes. I don’t feel as if I have. It hasn’t settled in my mind quite yet. The fact that I’ve seen all the characters has set in fine! The Hitcher (don’t ask) is there as is Tony Harrison (ditto). Hehe, he fell at some point and he’s just a head.

In conclusion: I absoltively adored the show!I would not recommend it for anyone under 13 or normal. BUT WATCH IT! When I move back, I’m bringing all the DVD’s (or maybe we’ll all have got ‘blu-rays’ by then) and making everyone love them. A pic will be appearing here of me in my Boosh T-shirt (which I wore under my school uniform today, hehe) and badge.

THE MIGHTY BOOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*phwoooar (for people who don’t usually read my blog and aren’t Brits): very very very hot