Hedgehog House: #1

The first spiky thing in my collection

Rite. So. Meet the first installment of my hedgehog showing thingy! His name is Gosha (Гоша) and I will say stuff about him now. So listen. With your ears. hahahaha

*Warning! This story may be slightly altered for dramatic/funky/coolbeanz effect.

It all started on a lovely August day in 2007. I’d had a lovely summer in America, buying clothes, meeting with friends, going to Six Flags: all sorts of cool things. My sister, mother and I were in one of our closest friends houses, saying our good-byes before leaving for home in Britland. Then suddenly, Tessa, the younger girl from this beloved family, runs up to me brandishing a hedgehog. ‘His name is Gosha’, she says. ‘Keep him to remember us by.’ So I take the hedgehog and as I look him over I realise my true calling in life (in England) and that is to collect hedgehogs! I already have a random few and it shouldn’t be to hard to find some more. Besides, it would be cool to collect something out of the ordinary…

Yea. So that’s how my collection got started. Wasn’t that a heartfelt little story I told? Why, thank you! I’m glad you liked it that much! Oh, stop. I couldn’t possibly publish it as a book! Or can i…

Keep looking here for new hogs of hedge-ness!

4 thoughts on “Hedgehog House: #1

  1. Wait a second! So, we bought all those hundreds of hedgehogs that now invade our house in just over a year? Feels like ages to me! Oy!

  2. Did you know that you can almost always find a hedgehog toy at the pet store?

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