My new segments

Oh god, I haven’t written in ages! Oopsy-daisy. Not a lot has really been happening but I have some funky things that have happen-afied…

Randomly, a few weeks ago, my mum said ‘Hey, Eltham College is really close to your school. Why don’t you have a dance with them?’ I thought this was a rather swell idea. I went to our class school councilor and told her to bring it up at a meeting. Next thing I know, we get an assembly telling us to buy the tickets and bring loads of friends! And the dance is only gonna be for us Year 9’s. No other years! WHOOO! And all ’cause of me and my lovely mummy. We are just too brilliant.

I have discovered that I have a talent for self-portraits from mirrors! Whodathunkit? In art, we’re doing a huge project on identity. Last lesson, we put pieces of acetate (plastic) on mirrors and drew right onto them. You had to close one eye to make it in proportion and I found myself very thankful for having a fringe (bangs). While most people had pictures of them with one squinty eye, mine looked normal ’cause the eye I was closing was covered by my fringe! Anyway, these turned out quite good. Then, we had to continue making a normal self-portrait form a mirror. My first attempt, done the lesson before, was disastrous. This lesson, something had changed apparently! You can actually recognise me! I was in shock as my type of art is generally graffiti, not portraits. I may post my drawing on here.

In English, we are making magazines! And my groups is the best ever ’cause we have a cool name. Our mag is called Green Peas. Geddit? Like Greenpeace? It’s kinda like the National Geographic for Kids and is targeted for kids 7-12. It was meant to be 14 but we changed it because I’m apparently the only 14-year-old who, erm, still reads *cough* National Geographic for Kids. =) Well I love it and am not planning to grow out of it for a few more years! *shifty eyes*. The best part of our magazine is an interview with my favourite teacher Mr. Dee! His name’s really Mr Denton but this way is cooler. We ask him the most random questions and it’s really funny. You can tell he was very flattered that we wanted to interview him. Awww. He’s on our front cover. The reasons for this are:
1) It’s a laugh.
2) It’ll bring in all the girls (hahahaha).
3) We’ve got no better ideas.
I’m sure Mr. Denton won’t mind…

On a completely different note, I’m adding 2 new ‘segments’ that will appear quite frequently in my blog. One, is lovely youtube videos that I love. Two, is my hedgehog collection. Yes, I collect hedgehogs. Well, I wanted to do something different and I think it’s absolutely spiffing! I’ll put up one hedgehog at a time with their name, place of origin and a bit of info. Eventually, I’ll get through all of them…I hope.

Well cheerio then! I’ll be sure to put up my new segments soon! *runs off to find a Mars Bar to munch*