Aren’t I the Social Butterfly?

This weekend has been just a show of how busy I actually am.

First, on Friday after school, I went to Blackheath Village to Montepeliers with about 3 of my mates. Quick explanation: Blackheath Village is right next to my school and I hang out there every Friday at ‘Montepelios’ cafe with random mates, usually 3-6 of them. After having our milkshakes and cakes, we went to sit on the heath and met up with some guys we knew. The ‘get together’ lasted for a good 4 hours after which I got invited to a Sleepover at my mate Anna’s house. She lives in a huge flat of about 8 rooms with an indoor pool, sauna and restaurant. We mostly listened to music and talked about random girly things. We went to bed at a reasonable hour, for a sleepover at least. It was only12:30am. At around 12:40, my other friend Amy,  who went to the heath but couldn’t make the sleepover, called. When we told her we had gone to bed we got severely insulted and hung up.

The next day I went home and watched Minutemen with my sister which is one of my favourite disney channel movies. Then I watched the EMA’s which I’d recorded a few weeks earlier. It was brilliant but Katy Perry is a bad host and sounds wonderful in songs but not live. Sorry Katy! At around 7:40pm my friend Emily called to invite me to see Ghost Town in the cinemas. She also invited me to stay over but I must’ve gotten slight amnesia because I forgot to ask my parents and told her no. After getting to Bluewater Mall, we ate some things at the food court and a hid prawn crackers in my bag so I could eat them in the cinema. Hehe, I’m a baaaad girl. We watched Ghost Town, which is good but has a boring ending. I wouldn’t recommend it. After the film, we waited 20 mins while her mum and mum’s boyfriend finished watching Quantum of Solace. Then I got this great thought. I decided to ask my mother again to see if I could sleep over. (Remember, I’d had amnesia and thought I’d asked her and she’d said no.) She agreed over the phone and I was quite surprised at her ‘change’ of mind but very happy.

At Lemon’s (I call Emily: Lemon) we did excactly what we’d done at Anna’s except we also did some Little Mermaid quiz and looked at fan art of Twilight and Jim Hawkins from Treasure Planet. The Twilight drawings are gorgeous! The girl should be famous, they are so good! Anyway, we went to bed at 1:00am which is really early again! Then my mum called me at 10:10am to wake me up! Strange? Yes. Pleasant? No.

I love being busy all the time, but I don’t think my parents like me out of the house so much for some reason… ANYWAY! I’m looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight!

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  1. fine daddy dear, fine. but i know where you live! i will get you! *does a better evil laugh than dad*

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