Back from Iceland

I’m am back from the land of the ice and have something to say. You know how everyone says that Greenland is the one with ice and Iceland is the nice one? Yea, that’s not true. It’s freezing and has ice in abundance. The Greenland myth is a lie! Hehe, I must’ve had a lot of sugar today…

I’ll now tell you the important bits about my trip. It wasn’t an early flight there which was very nice, it actually was changed at some point and became even later. After being given 10 pounds to get dinner (our flight was late enough that we would miss the hotel dinner) we all boarded the plane. I was the only one who hadn’t brought my iPod. Well, it did say NOT to but everyone did anyway. And the teachers didn’t even care! (We were given a lot of freedom on this trip but I’ll get back to that later.) The flight was still really fun because we managed to harass some boys and ended up becoming good friends with them and getting their IMs. Good times, good times.

We got to our hotel around midnight but I didn’t actually go to bed till 4am-ish. The rooms were tiny with two people a room. After having our doorbell ding-dong ditched (it’s when people knock on your door, then run away), my roommate, Orla, and I decided to sleep across the hall with our fellow Year 9’s, Tara and Anna. This was, of course, after thinking that they were the ones who knocked and knocking on their door and running. Turns out, we were both pranked upon. Anyway, in that titchy room, the 4 of us stayed up until 4 just talking. Anna and I shared one bed, Tara and Orla shared another. In the morning, when me and Orla went back to our room, our teacher did not even bat an eye. She just asked if we slept well. Freaky.

That day we went to see geysers (I got a video of one exploding) and more Iceland-y things. In the evening we went to the Blue Lagoon. It’s a huge hot spring heated lagoon that is lovely but monstrous for the hair. There’s silica in the water which is a type of mud that we also put on our faces. Your meant to put conditioner in your hair before you go in and we did. It did not help. If you go, either wear a cap or bring your own conditioner and empty it on your head and carry it around with you in the lagoon. TRUST ME. My hair felt horrible when it dried. I took a shower with shampoo (Orla’s, as I forgot to bring some) and it still felt absolutely horrid. It’s okay now ’cause I’ve washed it at home with conditioner.

That night I made some new friends from Newcastle. All of them were boys. We became good friends but what was funny was how our headteacher reacted to us sitting in the lobby with *gasps* boys! She told us ‘Girls, be in your rooms by 10 please’. (This was around 9.40). One of the boys said something like ‘Don’t worry Ms. Laws. We’ll make sure they leave at 10.’ And Ms. Laws was like ‘You lie boy.’ Then to us ‘Girls, be careful with boys who lie.’ Then she just walked off. We were cracking up so much that me and a few other girls fell off the couches. Teachers make me laugh! A couple of my friends and I now have a new catchphrase because the boys wanted to teach us some Newcastle lingo. They taught us how to say ‘I want a drink’. It’s ‘Swig of this’ pronounced SWIG-O-THIS!

The beaches in Iceland have black sand and are very beautiful. I’m ashamed to say that our teachers had to force us out of the minibus in order to see the main beach. We were tired at the time but very glad afterwards because it’s just indescribable. There was snow all around and I made the head of a snowman called Fillbert. He resembles my father quite a bit. Then I made a video on how to make a snowman and then everyone wrote their names in the sand and took pictures. I also wrote Kimmy’s name, just to make her feel like a bit of her as in Iceland. I also had to write SWIG-O-THIS and I did.

The last night before departure, we went ice-skating. I was quite excited to show off my prowess even though I was to wear rented skates. Yea. It was absotively horrid. For one thing, I did wear long socks and now have huge blisters on the front of both of my thighs. (I had decided, cleverly, to wear jeans and I couldn’t bend my knees in long socks.) For another, we had to wear helmets! UGH! For ANOTHER, the skates were so blunt. I managed to do my 2 signature moves: the spread-eagle and the shoot-the-duck. (If anyone wants an explanation to what those are, leave comments asking.) But I couldn’t do spins and I only was able to jump once. The other times I nearly fell, or did fall. People kept showering me in compliments which I would not except. It turns out, many people actually thought I was good. Whodathunkit? 

Other things we did were petting wild ponies, going to a wool factory, a greenhouse, a geothermal power station and many waterfalls glaciers and mountains. I loved Iceland but every waterfall and mountain looks the same after a while, sadly. The important thing is to go with the right people and then you’ll have a blast. I would not have changed the group that came with us for anything. A small note: We stayed for 3 full days in Iceland. That is quite enough time to see everything needed, trust me.

I leave you with a picture of Fillbert the Snowman (who looks like my dad)

I made him on the beach
I made him on the beach

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