My recording-ness!

Sorry for not writing ’bout this earlier. I’m just too lazy, really. Being brutally honestly here: my laziness is shocking.

On Wednesday morning, I went through about 5 outfit changes before going off to pick my mates up. This is after considering that I’d already picked out an outfit the night before after trying on a numerous number of choices. Well, I picked up Ella then Eliza and off we went. The car ride went by rather quickly, possibly because we spent all of it listening to my new ipod and engaging in lots of girly chitchat-ness. We circled our destination for another 20 minutes because we couldn’t find the entrance. When we found it, we discovered that the recording studio was on a farm.

So this is basically what happened.
I started off with the song ‘Viva la Vida’ by ‘Coldplay’ which I sang through 3 times in a row. Then the guy who was doing the recording cut the nice parts from each version and stuck them together. He looked 23 tops. And had a cool shirt. ANYWAY! Then I tried out ‘Zombie’ by ‘The Cranberries’ but the playback sounded bad so we scratched that song. I did ‘Sweet About Me’ by ‘Gabriella Cilmi’ 3 times instead and it sounded awesome! It sounds the best out of all the songs in my opinion.

I then tried to sing ‘Love Song’ by ‘Sara Bareilles’ and that sounded really weak so we decided to switch to ‘Everything’ by ‘Michael Buble’. (The last ‘e’ in his surname has an accent but I can’t be bothered to find it. Remember: I’m lazy!) This sounded quite good but we had some problems with it. The first bit is too low so I sang it an octave higher which was fine. But the second bit I had too sing in the normal key mixed with the high key. The chorus caused the most problems. After trying to sing it in the low key, and finding it impossible, I sang the second two times with the high key. I managed to do it and apparently, I can hit really high notes. You may have to cover your ears when my dad puts the vid up. You may also hear some random laughs because Eliza and Ella were dancing very *cough* stupidly in an attempt to loosen me up.

After the recording, my mother took all of us to Blackheath village where we ate at a Mexican place and took some funny videos with Eliza’s wicked camera. By the way, if you search ‘Becky Burlak’ on google, you’ll get a link to the giftdaze website that does the recordings. My picture will be in the corner with a comment by moi! Thanks so much Grandma and Grandpa for giving me this gift! Mwahh!

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  1. Always on service!
    Happy that you have a fun and a lot of experience. With all my love. Grandma.

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