Birthday celebrations so far

I am now 14 and have been a teenager for a whole year! Here’s how it’s been so far:

On Friday I came in to school dressed in jean shorts, blue and black striped thigh-high socks and my top that shows Sienna. I also wore fingerless gloves with spiderwebs on them. Very Halloween! Obviously I wore a coat and jumper as well. It looked cool beans, trust me! (Cool beans means ‘cool’ as does cool waffles.) Oh, and I’d dyed my hair a darker shade of brown (with a touch of purpley/red) the night before. Half of what I was wearing was to be part of my Halloween outfit, the gloves and the socks. It was a fun day at school, the last two lessons being canceled due to the Gadesdon performance. It’s a Drama competition at my school in honour of the second ever headmistress at my school. Everyone performs in monologues or groups for the class and the drama teacher pics the finalists. My partner and I didn’t get picked but the drama teacher really liked our piece called Skungpoomery. The finalists are one group from each house in each year (grade). My best mates Emily and Eliza won, they did a really funny extract from Blood Brothers. They were quite shocked with winning as they missed out about half of their piece when showing it. After winning the contest, they performed it again with the all of it.

After school, I boarded 8 girls onto the London bus I take home. This was, of course, after one bus didn’t even stop for us and we had waited for around 40 minutes. Not counting the fact that everyone was holding both their sleepover stuff and their costumes for my party. When we got home at almost 5 everyone changed into their outfits. The rest is a big blur. Half (pft, I mean all except 2) of us had costumes with an emo theme. Connie came a bit later dressed as a ladybird (ladybug, or as I like to call it: God’s Cow) and Eliza was Cheshire Cat. I was a ‘goth retro fairy’. We watched Hocus Pocus, played games, did dares (like freezing Orla’s bra), told truths: we did all the sleepover works. We all went to bed around 4am. It was a great party and I got good presents. Kimmy gave me a hedgehog mug, awww!

The next day, all with soda hangovers, my mates left one by one. The latest departure was around 1pm. Then parents gave me their presents to me! I got an ipod from both my parents and the Kravchenko’s. I don’t mean 2 ipods, I mean they combined their budgets. The ipod is the new chrome nano and it’s indigo and says Bex T-Rex on the back. I’ve already downloaded around 110 songs onto it! My next gift was from my grandparents and it’s soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool! I get to record 3 songs in a studio on Tuesday, eeeek! And I’m allowed to bring some friends along! I’ve picked: Zombie by The Cranberries and Everything by Michael Bublé. But I’m stuck for a 3rd song between 4 different ones! The booklet with song choices didn’t have most of my favourite artists but guys sing those songs so it’s okay.

Today we went to Rochester which I won’t go into. That’s what my dad’s blog is for, not mine. What was good there was a few shops. In one, I bought a hedgehogs for 2.95 pounds. Quite cheap really considering it was made of twigs and pine cone. He couldn’t be called Rocky because that would be like Roxy from Roqubrune. My dad suggested Chessie and showed me that he has good ideas sometimes. The hedgehog became a girl called Chessie. The second shop I found was just, ah, no words to describe it! I felt home. It was all punk, retro and goth type things. If you scroll up and see my Halloween outfit, you’ll see that this is so me! I bought the coolest skirt ever there, also some socks and cool waffles earrings. I’ll post a pic of me wearing all of those things here. It’s not too good and you can’t see the earrings so I’ll make a different one later. ANYWAY! I was 2 pence short when ringing the stuff up so my mum helped me out. If I had more money on me, I would have bought the whole shop. It’s not too far away, only 30 minutes, and I’m definitely coming back. With a lot of friends in tow as well! We’ll will just spend the day there!

Tomorrow, I’m going to get my hair cut (back to my bob) and then go to different doctors for check-ups and stuff. I haven’t done those things in a while so might as well tomorrow. I’ll post again after the recording!