Facebook mates (and other miscellany)

I really could not think of a title for this one so I just picked one of the topics to be the title. This post is not all about my facebook mates.

Let’s begin with the Blackheath High school open day, shall we? My school thought up this brilliant idea, you see. They want the school to be seen by possible applicants for next year. But this apparently can’t be done during school hours. It has to be done on a SATURDAY when we could all be sleeping. And of course, out of the kindness of their hearts, the school let us out at 1.30 on Friday. I will admit that I definitely had fun on Friday afternoon and did manage to get invited to an impromptu sleepover. But I worked something out about this ‘Open Day’ scheme. Oh, they’ll let us out of school 2 hours early. But we come in for 4! It’s injustice and most people don’t even realise!

Now that I’ve got mad ranting out of my system I can say that as open days go, my class’s wasn’t too bad. We were given 2 lessons to do on Saturday. First was Drama which we all love. YAY! We did a bit of physical theather using books to a song called Adiemus. The song is very cool sounding and I have now downloaded it onto my phone. Afterwards we had geography in which we were meant to be making paper volcanoes, looking at maps, and doing a geography puzzle. Well, that just wasn’t acceptable so instead we drew pictures and did geography quiz things online. This was a very good outcome of lessons because last year we had Science and R.E. I actually never stayed in any lesson for too long as I had 3 chamber choir performances. Those were okay as we sang a really pretty Latin song. Also a weird German one but it was a good laugh so I didn’t mind. I was mentioned at each performance because we’re doing a Russian song soon!

Next topic: I keep discovering new bands that I adore. Discovered band of the week:All Time Low.

Next Topic: facebook mates! I was bored one day and started seeing if there were any people I knew from Old Bridge that were on facebook. I found about 7 and after being quite ecstatic at this prospect, and idea came to mind. So I got out my Schirra School Graduating Year of 2006 T-shirt. On the back, it has all the names of people who were in my grade in America. I found about 10 more people and they were all very happy to hear from me. I’m so loved! Thank you facebook!

Next topic: We have been making our own versions of Alice in Wonderland for English class. We were meant to write a chapter of our own story. She didn’t specify which chapter so I randomly picked 5. My story is called ‘Rebecca in Wonderland’. This may shock you because I let almost no one call me ‘that name’ anymore. I believe I’m not mature enough for such a formal name. ANYWAY! I wasn’t actually called Becky until 4th grade when I was 9. Alice is meant to be around 5 or 6 and I was still called Rebecca back then. So, in my story, I must be called ‘that name’ instead of my beloved ‘Bex’. The trick to making this chapter was adding puns and a shape poem. I managed both and I even ended up with 3 puns instead of just one. The first one took me ages to think up. The other two: I didn’t even notice I had extra puns until I read my chapter through again. I’m gonna put the chapter on this blog, read it if you can… or have the time to!

Next topic: My b-day is soon! I am turning 14 on Saturday and am holding a Halloween costume sleepover thing on Friday, the last day before half-term. I am very excited because I am getting an ipod an other good present things! What? As a birthday present to me, you’ll tell your friends to read my blog? And leave more comments? Oh, you guys are too kind!

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  1. This literary critic thinks that “Rebecca in Wonderland” is awesome! It needs to be published!

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