My dad: the Hitch-hiker (plus other stuff)

On the way home from trampolining at my school we had to stop at the annoying intersection next to my road. And who do we see waiting for the green light at the pedestrian crossing? My father dearest! So I rolled down my windows and started madly waving to him and my mother and sister quickly followed suit. That man must be blind and deaf ‘cuz he didn’t respond for a good 10 seconds. Then he noticed us. He looked overjoyed to see us. Sadly, this was probably not from the fact that he had missed us dearly all day. Oh, no. He was happy to be able to run across the road to get into the car instead of having to walk. So you see, my dad’s a hitch-hiker. I think that moment when he sat down into the car was the first time I’ve ever seen my mum behind the wheel when my dad is also in the car. Fun experience except I couldn’t see anything over his head which annoyed me slightly. He is too tall to sit in front of me.

On Thursday we had Jeans for Genes day. We had to come into school wearing a pink top and jeans. The whole charity thing is for breast cancer. The fee was 1 pound which would go to the charity. And if you didn’t wear pink or denim, the fee was 2 pounds. Many people had asked me for pink tops because not many people own them. I brought in 5 and then everyone decided they’d just pay 2 pounds instead. Thanks for making me carry all that stuff, guys! On the plus side, I got to make changes throughout the day which was fun. Also necessary. The first top, the one I came in wearing, was being worn with a belt. The belt was suffocating me. And falling down a lot. My stomach still hurt even after I’d taken the thing off. Be careful with belts!

Today I went to Rye for a school trip. This means wearing my own clothes for two days in a row. I was well chuffed (slang for happy that my mate Emily uses which has rubbed off on me). I wore my fluffy boots and ice-lantics jacket. And other things obviously but not worth mentioning. Rye is cold and small. But it has a good High Street. It’s a good place to spend an hour or two on if your driving through England by car. It has really good gift shops, a Boots (english pharmacy), a Woolworths, fish and chip shops, cafes, and very cheap sweet shops. I bought (well Emily bought it for me since I forgot money) a 3 foot long strawberry cord for 40p. I’m not exaggerating. It’s really that long. YUM! The fun part of the trip was really the bus ride. Everyone listened to music and sang out loud and made many videos on my phone. Plus made up very odd stories.

Okay then, bye!

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  1. you are a really good story teller.
    I always enjoy reading your blog.

    Love you.


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