Bands I Like *sqeals loudly*

(Before I start my post, I would like to say that I’m very upset that no one commented on ‘Why Cows Say Moo’. I’d really like some feedback!)

So. That is my topic for the post since not much has happened lately. *sighs*. My mate Livi came over today but, really, it’s been a dull weekend. Plus, Livi may now kill me for reasons that can’t be mentioned. The only thing that will cheer me up is talking ’bout my bands!

First I shall talk about the German band ‘Tokio Hotel’. This may take a while. I only found out about them 2 weeks ago and I’m in love. I first, properly, discovered my now second favourite band by accident. I was downloading music for my phone and wanted to see what the top downloads were that day. I say the song ‘Ready, set, go!’ and liked the sound of it so I looked it up on youtube. It was love at first sight. And sound as well. The music itself is kind of rock and a bit of emo and strangely, I really liked it. Then I saw the lead singer, PHWOOOAR! He has got long black hair and is emo-looking. But I love emos so tis all well. *starts to daydream*. Where was I? Oh, yea! Bill Kaulitz, the lead singer is VERY nice-looking. That factor always makes a band gain likeness for me, can’t be helped! If the music’s good and the lead looks nice, I’m hooked.

Only yesterday, I actually found out they were German. They actually record songs in both English and German which is very thoughtful of them ‘cuz German doesn’t sound to nice. I know, I’ve heard. Later that night, I remembered something from my Italian holiday this summer. I recalled seeing (and hearing) a video in German with a really cute lead. I didn’t remember exactly what he looked like. And the song had been German so I hadn’t bothered to write it down. So what came into my head was ‘OH MY GOD! What if it was Tokio Hotel!’. That thought kept me awake for a while but I drifted of soon. Then, I checked Tokio Hotel’s songs (that were actually in German) and found the one that I’d seen in Italy! I love coincidences like that! It’s so cool! Well, to me at least. I just really like the fact that if I hadn’t looked at most downloaded songs, I wouldn’t have found out! And I really did want to find out. YAY!

I shall now talk about the band Metro Station. They are my absolute faves! Once again, I only found out about them a few weeks ago. Through a different way, though. My mate Emily, always gets me to download songs for her ‘cuz she’s lazy. She asked me to download a song called ‘Shake it’. I did, but first I watched the video to see if I’d like it. I LIKE IT! The beat is so catchy and so is the music. Plus, once again. I find one of the lead singers very attractive. Yea, okay. So sue me! They don’t have many songs because they’re really new but most of my close mates adore them. They are so different from Tokio Hotel it’s like pickles to ice-cream. My music tastes are odd.

Anyway, I’ll talk about the lead singer I like. His name is Trace Cyrus which means he’s related to Miley Cyrus. Thankfully, he’s only half-brother to her so if (WHEN) Trace and I get married, we won’t see her much. The oddball thing is that the other lead singer is the brother of another Hannah Montana star-Mitchell Musso. The singer’s called Mason Musso and looks tons like his brother. It’s weird how the band has two people in in who’s siblings already work together. Back to Trace, not usually my type but wow! I like him, go figure. He’s not emo but has the cool fringe thing down. Plus some tattoos and piercings but they really suit him. I usually hate piercings and tattoos, by the way. This shows the impact he’s had on me. He and Bill from Tokio Hotel are tied at the moment for most fave singer. Bill’s kinda winning but Trace is neck and neck with him.

Hope you liked my weird post and try listening to the songs I’ve mentioned! Mwah!

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