Why Cows say Moo

Last year (when I was in Year 8), my mate Ella and I created a story about, well, why cows say moo. I personally think it’s marvelous and so did the whole school when a teacher rad it out for us. Enjoy!

Why Cows say Moo!

Once upon a time, the moon was were many people lived. They lived with creatures called…..COWS. “Cows” were super strong beings who could talk in many languages, both person and animal. “Cows” gave milk to the people of Moon, the healthiest and tastiest milk you could think of. Everyone was very happy living on Moon which, at the time, was full of plant life and had no “craters”. One day, a scientist on Moon discovered that if you let milk go bad, it could eventually become delicious “cheese”. He experimented with the “cheese” and unknowingly put a substance into the “cheese” that could easily explode if it hit something. The scientist went for lunch leaving the “cheese” unguarded. Another scientist came into the testing lab and accidentally knocked the “cheese” over.



The “cheese” exploded and everyone on Moon was blasted into space. Only the “cows” survived, falling onto Earth. They were alive, but the blasting “cheese” had weakened them terribly. They were no longer super strong and they could barely talk. It was a horrible day for the “cows”. Moon was horribly damaged. The explosion had blown big chunks out of it. It now had huge holes called “craters” in it and had a yellowish tinge instead of its normal snow white…


Now, the descendents of the original “cows” are still trying to tell people their story. They try to say “MOON! MOON!”, but they are just too weak. All they can say is “MOOOOOOOOOO!”



I hope you liked it! Please leave comments!

2 thoughts on “Why Cows say Moo

  1. That is just great.
    I showed it to my co-workers and everyone loved it.
    Who’s idea was it?

    love you


  2. I know you are very talanted and creative.
    Continue to write, I love everything about you, even I do not understand something you are writing about ( the article about singers and songs). But this is my problem, is not it?
    I love you and miss you.

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