School’s back. Yay. (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!)

School started last Thursday for me. The first day was a lot of hugging and ‘what did you do this summer?’s being tossed around. I have already been invited to a party and a movie viewing. My new form tutor (homeroom teacher) is Mr. Mathasing. Surprise, surprise, he teaches Math. He probably only took it up ‘cuz of his name. Anyway! You can get either a top or bottom locker. After, two years of being blissfully at the top, my luck finally changed. I have a bottom locker which is far more annoying. I have to sit down to get my books out and there’s no point in decorating since no one, not even the new Year 7’s are short enough to see. Speaking of, I have already befriended a few of these littlies and reacquaintedmyself with ones I new such as my mate Ella’s sister. I know we must have been shorter in Year 7 but some girls are really an exception. They are titchy!

Most of my teachers this year are the same. I have a new maths teacher because the top group (which I am somehow in) is taught by the new head of maths, Mr. Walters, this year. I have a different history teacher but I had her in Year 7. I now have two science teachers. I am taught Chemistry (blech) by Dr. Mustafa. I call him Mr. Moofasa like Simba’sdad in the Lion King. He’s okay but new so he’s trying to act all don’t mess with me. We shall make him a softie soon. I’m taught Physics (interesting) and Biology (easy and fun and interesting) by my favourite teacher, Mr. Denton. I believe I’ve mentioned him before. He’s the one who looks like Van Gogh. The Year 7’s all hate him but will learn to love him like we Year 9’s do. Year 9 would be 8th grade in America for anyone who wants to know some common knowledge.

Here is something fun (ha!) I found out, on Friday I believe. Apparently, some scientists in either Switzerland or Sweden decided it would be fun to try to recreate the Big Bang today, the 10th. Also, apparently, if it went wrong, a black hole would appear and we’d all die. (Our class had our Headmistress for a class yesterday and asked if we could have today off to enjoy our last day of life. She said no.) We asked Mr. Denton about all this jazz and after we decided we would not die, he said that the results of this experiment would only be revealed in 4 flipping years. Well, he didn’t say flipping, I added that. So, scientists are weird people in conclusion. First, they don’t care if they accidentally destroy the world, then they can’t even tell us the results (after all that worrying) about what happened at the Big Bang. I blame the media.

Here is something completely non-related to school. My mates Livi and Ella have got me hooked on a Tv show called The Mighty Boosh. It’s, like in a parallel universe and is just plain hilarious. The second and third series are more funny than the first one. Anyway, it’s starring Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding. All my mates and I are madly in love with Noel Fielding. He’s got the BEST hair in the world and a cool accent. *swoons a bit*. Too bad he’s like 35. He looks 10 years younger, honestly. It is a funny show and I watch it on youtube. The live show is coming to the millenium dome in January. Problem is, I don’t know if I’ll have moved by then! Ahhh! I must see Noel! 

To end my post, I shall tell you that I forgot to turn on my alarm last night and overslept. I had not set my alarm. I never set recurrent alarm because I thought I’d just have to turn it off on weekends which would be a pain. My mum found me still in my bed at 8.00am and had to drive me to school at top speed. Well, actually, at speed limit speed with traffic and traffic lights. I got in at 8.27. Which is still counted as late. Anytime after 8.25 is. Picky school people! I didn’t miss any lessons or even registration which is good. In the car, while my mum was driving me, I realised that you could set recurrent alarm on certain days. I did not know this before as I had never checked. Aren’t I clever!