I’m baaa-aaack!

Hola, bonjour, and ciao! I am back from my Europe vacation thingy! I thoroughly enjoyed my time and got a very nice time. I will only write about what I thought was significant. Here is what I did (*rubs hands together in preparation for serious typing*):

My first stop was Catalonia, Spain. WE stayed in a little beach town called  L’estartit. Catalonian, which is spoken there, is very annoying to me because I haven’t learned it. It’s, like, a mix of Spanish and French. I spent my time there mostly just relaxing. We had a very nice pool near our villa and the beach was a five minute drive away. (I should mention now that in every country we met up with people we knew.) A two minute walk away lived our family friends. They have 3 kids. One’s 4 and his name is Max, I called him Monkeyman. (I have names for all small-type people I know. Like Kimmy is Munchkin.) Monkeyman is very sweet and shy. The next one is Danny, I call him Little Munchkin Person. This little 7-year-old is a mini devil incarnate. He is loud, pinching-ful and doesn’t listen. This is not one of my favorite people. The oldest kid is called Joe. He’s just turned 15 and I call him Sandra Dee. Yes, I know he’s not a small-type person, but he calls me Mooey so I needed a name for him. I spent most of my time with him because he’s closest to my age and I didn’t make friends with the other people at the resort-type place. In Spain, I went to a water park and it was quite dull. Only one good slide!

My second stop was Roquebrune, France. There, we stayed with my aunt, uncle and cousin from Russia. My cousin, Sasha is very cute and talks a lot for a 3-year-old. She is a bit of a handful, though. She switches through emotions in literally seconds. In France, I managed to faint on a very hot day, losing my sunglasses in the process. I bought a very pretty dress to make up for it and my mum gave me a pair of her shades that suit me quite nicely. A few days after that we went to a water park. In my opinion, it was brilliant! It had tons of slides and a wave pool. The service kinda sucked which annoyed the adults. It took an hour to get food. I guess that is quite bad. Anyway, I went on a slide alone and some french boys invited me to hang out with them after going on the slide. Sadly, I only realised what they were asking after I had said no! *scolds herself*. I was very annoyed with me when it hit me. OH WELL!

My last stop was Montespertoli (Mon-te-spehr-toe-lee). That’s in Tuscany, Italy for geography people out there. We stayed in the same place we did last year in May. Except, on the next villa over because, yes you guessed it, we had people staying with us. Our family friends the Salita’s. They have an almost 8-year-old boy called Robert, I called him Chipmunk dude. They also have a just turned 12-year-old boy called Josh. It was fun hanging out with them, especially in our private pool! The pool was very much appreciated but it was same deepness everywhere which is about my height, a little less even. I’m 5 foot 8. Our neighbours were also people we new, from Britland. They have a little boy called Tim who’s 4th b-day we celebrated. Let’s just say he’s get along perfectly with Danny (mentioned above). He does not yet have a nickname but whenever I refer to him, it’s the Monster or the Terror. My time in Italy was mostly site-seeing and hedgehog buying. I collect them and I got about 4 new ones, including one made from twigs and nature-type stuff. It’s by far the coolest. I went on two tours that were in Russian and only ran into problems on the first one. No, it wasn’t because I couldn’t understand the guide. It was because shoulders and legs needed to be mostly covered in a church. I was wearing short shorts since it was boiling outside. The crisis was averted because the guide had a scarf which I stylishly tied around my waist. We went to the beach only once, after climbing the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It was more of a lagoon than a beach but the ocean was behind it. There were cool rocks surrounding our ‘lagoon’ and I left my mark on them with a chalky rock. I wrote ‘Life is Life!’ which is a song lyric with a little change. It’ll probably fade or something but I hope it’ll last a week.

So that’s my vacation in a nutshell. I was actually very happy to be back in London and I went to a birthday party the day after I came home. The party was yesterday and we watched Wild Child, it’s a sweet film. (ALEX PETIFER!) Then we went to Meriel’s house (that’s the b-day girl) and watched Clueless which is a really good movie. Tonight, I’m off to a sleepover with half the girls who came to the party and some others. We just can’t wait till Thursday to see each other. That’s when school starts, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!