Au revoir mon petite pois(green peas)!

Hello and apologies for not writing for ages. Not that many people read this blog. *sighs* School has finally ended and it did so with a bang. We still had our first two lessons in which we just watched movies and played charades. That was fun. Then the whole school (meaning juniors and seniors) went down to our sports field for the remainder of the day. There was a magnificent lunch prepared that we were meant to go up and take. Like a buffet. But being the lucky people we are, the Year 8’s ended up going last. So, we starved. There was seriously nothing but a few quiches left. No exaggeration.

After that nutritious and filling lunch, everyone started to fool around and play. I got my own personal camp, if you will. All the Year 5’s absolutely love me. But they show their love through torment. I was pelted by soft balls and attacked by hula hoops. Yes, hula hoops. They were put around me and I was dragged around. Plus, my shoes were taken and apples were thrown at me. Ah, little kids. You gotta love them. No, they were really sweet. They definitely made my afternoon interesting. My other option would have been watching the teachers play rounders (it’s kinds like baseball) so I didn’t miss much. I do recall begging for help from a favourite teacher at one moment. He just laughed. We went back to the school at around 2.30 and watched a film made by the junior school German club. It was really well made! I was surprised at the quality, it was so professional. The star of the film was a girl who was my little sister on the school ski trip. It made me feel proud to see her as Alice in Deutschland.

Summer holidays have been very good so far. Our close family friends visited and I have been playing tour guide for them all week. They just left. I very much enjoyed going to the London Dungeons with them and recommend it very, um, a lot! While they were here, I went to my best matey Ella’s birthday party. We first watched Mamma Mia (nothing special) and then went to Cafe Rouge. After that, we went back to her house for random party-type activities. We probably went to bed around 4.00am after watching the movie Dodgeball. Now that, is a good movie! Hysterical in every way!

Now let me tell you about my productive day yesterday. First of all, I woke up at 2.15pm. That’s right, I don’t believe it either. I did have a sleepover the previous night so that may be the cause. It was evened out by me waking up at 9am today. Anyway. I had lunch, deciding to completely miss out Breakfast, not even trying for Brunch. Then I went to get hair dye. After buying the dye, I got my nails done at the salon. That was fun. They are now silvery purple. I went home and washed my hair. Then, I found out the dye is meant to be applied to dry hair. I blow-dried my hair bone dry. The dye was a purpley-brown and that is the colour of my hair now. It’s not as purple as I would have liked but it is still a gorgeous colour. So ha ha to Miss Wolloshin! She is a great teacher in my school but is very picky about hair colour and uniforms. *sticks out her tongue* 

To explain the title quickly, I’m going on a six week holiday. Two weeks Spain, two France, two Italy. I am saying good-bye now because it is unlikely that I will write another blog in the next two days. The title is just me saying buh-bye in a different language so: adios, au revoir and ciao!

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  1. Hey Becky!
    Remember me (you better) We haven’t talked in ages (since you moved away)
    That sounds like a lot of fun.
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