Happy 4th of July!

So. It’s Independence Day today. And I am very ashamed of myself.

England obviously isn’t happy that us Americans broke free from them so they don’t celebrate today widely. It was not at all mentioned today in school. Not even in a ‘We hate Americans’ type of way! So it’s no surprise that I forgot about it. That’s right. A patriotic American like me forgot about the 4th of July. I had to be told about it be two English Year 7’s (6th graders)! One of them used to live in America but still! I am very disappointed in myself. I will be upset FOREVER! Kay, that’s over. I’m happy again!

I saw an old man on my bus home from school wearing a very coolio tie. It has the American flag and the eagle. It looked so cute (in a ‘Bless him, he’s trying to look cool’ kind of cute) to see that old guy in a black suit and that bright tie! I decided to make up for my forgetfulness by dressing up all American-y and going to get some soup. The soup getting was just an excuse to go outside really, even though I wanted it. I put on my shirt with many American city names, my American flag necklace and a pin with the flag on it. I could not find my American scarf so I went out like that. Don’t worry, I also had shorts and leggings on. I also wrote USA on either arm in permanent blue marker. I wonder if that’ll come off…

Anyway, happy 4th of July people of the world (mainly America)!


1 hour later: With the help of vigorous brushing with soap, and then swabbing with nail polish remover, I have managed to get rid of the permanent marker on my arms. Almost. Kinda. Oh, ALRIGHT! It’s still quite visible. *sighs*. Oh well…