Is school over yet? (plus parties)

Hello and apologies for not writing for a while. It’s just that nothing very interesting has happened lately. All of my exam results have been found out (by me) and my parents will find out as well soon enough. I don’t really see the point of going to school after exams. We are tired and annoyed and very rowdy so teachers shouldn’t bother. It may confuse you that I am still in school. I guess I’ll explain *sighs*. In England, school ends halfway through July, the eleventh for me. Don’t think this is a violation of human rights. Though I could use that in court…hmmmm. Instead of a long summer, us Brits have a two week (or one-it alternates) break every six weeks. So it evens out. I’d still rather have a long summer. All my American mates have been out of school for ages! It’s absolute torture sitting in the classrooms because the weather has suddenly become boiling again. *mutters incoherently about Global Warming*

I did go to 2 movies last weekend and will give a short opinion of them. First, on Friday, I went to see Prince Caspian. This was right after a school trip to Hever Castle. The movie is very good but drags on a bit. Of course, you get to stare at the actor playing Caspian the whole time. Phwoooaaar! (A British expression of ‘she/he’s hot!’) It was actually a little hard to follow the movie but I haven’t read the book so I don’t really know. The second movie I watched was The Hulk. I went to see it on Saturday with a group of friends to celebrate two of their birthdays. I will mention, before I state my opinion, that I mostly watch rom-coms(romantic comedies) so I’m probably not one to judge this movie. It has you feeling like you’ve missed something until more than halfway through (even though the hulk that came out a few years ago has nothing to do with this one). It ends in a way that implies a definite sequel which annoys me. The movie was good but I don’t feel like watching another one like it. Yet, now I am obliged to! Argh!

I am going to a fancy dress (costume party) this weekend and the next. My friend Ella and I are going as Rockstar Faeries. We went shopping yesterday. We bought pink fishnet tights, pink hairspray, black wings and a black mask (it’s a masquerade-ish theme party). We will add to this a cool black shirt each, black boots and black tutu’s. We wish for the best but will probably end up looking like total twits! OH WELL!