Next on my personal soap opera…

I apologize for not writing for a while. Exams are finally over and I’ve decided not to tell my parents the results that are being given out. They’ll find out on their own (while I am safely hiding in Hawaii) in a month or so. Not surprisingly, my highest marks are in languages. I won’t bore you with the details but I will say that I got 109 out of 115 in Spanish. My highest mark so far…and possibly overall.

The weekend before last I dyed my hair. I am constantly changing it for fun. It bores me. I didn’t dye it anything drastic, just a darker shade of brown. My Scottish pal Livi dyed her hair exactly the same colour. She did it to fight off ginger (redhead) remarks. The change is much more noticeable on her. Being very dissatisfied with the dyeing, I also cut my hair last Wednesday. It is now a short and sweet bob. Good for the summer, easy to handle. For my next hair change, I think I’ll dye it purpley-brown. But just for the summer. The school would kill me if I came in with purple hair!

Last weekend I went on a school residential trip. Sounds fancy but it basically means that I stayed in a tent for days with around 30-40 girls from my year (grade). It was a water-sports trip mostly with the exception of archery. I am not good at archery and everyone was lucky to come out of that alive, thanks to me. We also did canoeing which was brilliant and soooo relaxing. I sat in the back and steered, me and the two other girls in the canoe sang songs, we saw swans. Very nice! The only downside of canoeing was the peanut sized blister I obtained on my thumb. It’s still not gone. The next activity was rafting which was by far my favorite. You get four barrels, six poles and lots of rope and you have to build a raft to take you and your group across the 100 metres and back. My group did this very successfully. After making us repeat the exercise standing on the raft, making us do it backwards and making us do ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’, our instructor got a bit aggravated. So he started untying our raft. Only then did we fall off. The very last activity was sailing which has a very interesting story to it:

We were taught how to sail on a boat with two sails with one instructor to a boat. Each boat had four girls in it. After working the boat for half an hour my friend Orla started complaining that she wanted to go on the two-person sailboat. So I got on with her and five seconds later she’s screaming. To make a long (annoying) story short we called the rescue boat and she started getting on to it. At the same time she manages to tip the boat a bit and get rope stuck around my foot. As she gets off, I lift my foot to get the rope off. She tips the boat completely but manages to scramble onto the rescue boat. I, in turn, fall into the water. yay. not. it’s all her fault!

It was a good trip with very good food *mouth starts to water*! I recommend the place, which was called Barton Turf, but I probably will never go again if I can help it.