Intro to my little world

Hi. I’m Becky also known as Bek, Bex, Becka, Beebee, Bekster and Beckyboo. Call me whatever you like.

Now begins my rant: As many of you may know, I am 13 and live in England. I have dark brown hair, skin that always looks tanned, bluey-grey eyes and long legs.  I am abnormally tall and have big feet. I’m a loon who collects hedgehogs. Not the real animals, little statuettes and stuffies. Thought I’d collect something different than most people. I’m obsessed with Friends, the old TV show. I consider it the best thing since Snickers chocolate bars and that is saying something coming from me. I’m a total Snickers addict. *stops typing to eat Snickers bar* Hmmmm, Snickers.

I go on the computer a lot and watch youtube videos. I do not go one day without going on youtube and watching my favorite vids. I might post a few on this blog. I listen to all types of music really, all very different. I have a mobile phone which is my most precious possession. I always download songs onto that and am constantly in need of credit. I am also quite the bookworm, always going to my local library and borrowing books off friends. I own about 100 books and have read most of them about 3 times. Sad, really.

I go to an all girls school with uniforms. Uniforms are in every school in England and as they go, ours isn’t tooooo bad. Black or navy tights, navy skirt (I have shortened mine quite a bit, teehee), navy jumper (sweater to you Americans out there), and a striped white and blue shirt underneath. No trousers but our school council is working on it. I might post a new picture of me in my school uniform. The old one on the site was before I, um, customised it. It looks better now. I’ve got lots of coolio mates (friends) at my school and we go to the cinema and hang out very often. They are a right weird bunch but I love them all the same. I have some mates out of school but I only know them through my mates in school.

Hmmm, what else? I do ice-skating on and off and I am devoted to trampolining. It is the best sport ever for someone who loves gymnastics but is not very flexible. Like me. On a different note, I seem to be getting an English accent. Should be interesting when I move back to America. I do want to move back but England has grown on me. Still, I’ll only miss a few things when I go back to the sweet U. S. of A. I will miss my mates, Europe being close by and of course the totally wicked accent. And maybe English public transport. Not joking. It’s not reliable but it feels good to get to places without having to have your parents drive you. So…that’s me in a nutshell. Keep looking for further rants and/or posts.

One thought on “Intro to my little world

  1. I know that you have grown up, but I never understood it enough.
    I know that you are the extremely talented and smart girl, but now I understand how much.
    I know that you are my star in the sky, so be happy and good luck in you new ‘hobby’.
    Love you.

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